Sunday, February 28, 2010

Check Out Me and Mr. David Crane!!!

So here I am with one of my game making heroes, David Crane, as we presented at the Interactive Achievement Awards last week. You can watch the really funny, really entertaining entire awards show over at IFC.COM. Just click here!  This clip also show the very deserving GAME OF THE YEAR winner as well as Jay Mohr doing a dead on Christopher Walken! Check it out!

Clearly I went off script a bit as the teleprompter was a bit screwed and I was going on little sleep. But hey, at least they got me in a suit!

And here is the panel David and I did with G4's Adam Sessler on casual games. It was tons of fun and really interesting to hear about David's game making process and philosophies. Tried to embed it but blogger ain't having any of it :(

Ok, later ya'll! Up early (5am!??!) to get some more docs written for the game.