Monday, December 10, 2007


Sorry for the slow posting this week- not much time as both my kids were sick and I've been getting my head into new designs (which is nice, but take most of my creative energy....yes, these blog posts take creative energy, you ass! :)

Anyway, more posts this week but for now, I just saw this and Xmas came early...I'm sure many of you have already see it by now but I wanted it on my blog cause it's so fucking great!

Seen a few posts- and talked to a few folks- who say it reminds them of Temple of Doom. God, I hope the film is better that that. To be fair, TOD is a good, solid Indy flick and I think- if I may be the Indy geek that I am for a moment- that the Indy character in TOD is much more consistent with how he is in Raiders than how Indy comes across in Last I like that alot. The film has grown on me over the years but I think anything coming after the kind of masterpiece that was/is Raiders was bound to be a disappointment. Not in an AfterM*A*S*H sort of way, but still TOD was a bit of a let down.

Anyway, man this just brings me back to my childhood. So glad they made a good, old fashioned movie poster for this flick. I didn't expect less. In fact, it was exciting to hear Spielberg say that he was not changing his directing style to keep pace with more current action film techniques. I like that. I think Indy by way of Michael Bay- much as I dig some of Bay's work- would just feel wrong.

So I'm jazzed for this thing- can't wait! Gonna drive up to LA to see it in a giant theater with a fun crowd. Hell, maybe I'll fly back to Birmingham and see it in my old home town...that seems like the right way to revisit my childhood hero.

Ok, gotta get the day started. Talk later!


ps. I'm sure like EVERY summer, there will be 1-2 standout films and the rest will be crap. BUT if you look at the movies hitting this summer- and the directors behind them- it seems to have the potential to be pretty fucking great! Batman! Ironman! SpeedRacer! Indy! Shit, there's a few more I can't remember but still...I'll be there!

pps. had a good lunch with the producer of the GOD OF WAR movie a few weeks ago. Some big news COULD be coming on that front soon but nothing set in stone yet. But yeah, the project is still alive! And looking strong! BUT the funny part is, I was just sitting there kind of gushing over movies, what to go see, what was coming out, etc. Just being a fanboy. And he- the producer of the GOW flick and many other movies, including this summer's GET SMART, which looks really funny- was just so nonchalant about the whole thing. I mean, it's clear he loves the movies but it's also clear that- to him- it's a great job, but it's still just a job. And at first I was a bit disappointed. I wanted to grab him and scream: 'DUDE! You make the coolest fucking shit on the planet'! But then I realized that when something is your job, as much fun as it is, you tend to forget how cool your work really is. I have people come up to me all the time and gush over games, and get excited about new games coming out and I'm excited along with them but nowhere near as jazzed as they seem to be. And I think it must be the same thing. When it's your job, when you see games way in advance, when you get many games for free, when you MAKE the damn things...well sometimes you forget how cool your medium really is. So this meeting really made me stop and think and realize how amazingly lucky I am to do what I do, and how cool the medium I work in really is. So yeah, I'm very damn crazy excited these days about my work...and who can ask for anything beyond then when it comes to your job? I guess the best job is the one that does not feel like a job...and that's what I got! Ok, I'm rambling now...I really gotta run...see ya'll!