Monday, February 27, 2012


Little rambly plus the kids stop by but here ya go:

Covers Network connection issues, dropping games, XP tuning, skins, website update, plus a bit more.

ALSO- fantastic Twitter follower @dagimp13 has written the following that MAY aid SOME folks in making TM games easier to join and stay connected to. I am not advocating this as I know NOTHING about this (I'm not the guy to give advice on how to reconfigure your network settings) but I can tell you this guy says it's worked great for him and a number of twitter followers have pretty much said the same thing. Let me know how it affects your experience should you choose to do it.

Thanks to @DaGimp13! Much appreciated, sir! :)


Ok, here's what he wrote:


Ok, so some people have been asking for help in setting up their routers with the PS3 TCP/UDP ports. While a few may have been helped, I'd like to reach the larger audience of PS3 users. Here is a guide on how to do it (generic, mind you. I'm not going to deal with each & every router individually). 

1. open a web browser, be it your PC/Mac/PS3/cellphone, and google Port Forward. the site has a massive list of ports & routers on it, which is to help users open ports on routers. click on router list, and select the manufactuer & model of your router. You'll then find steps on how specifically to add the full PS3 list of TCP/UDP ports.

2. to explain how the list of PS3 TCP/UDP ports works, it's a compiled list of ports used from all PS3 games/programs. All ports are input as 'Ranges' that are opened, whether its TCP/UDP. So individual ports such as UDP 5223 are input as Start 5223 End 5223. Ports listed already as range ports are input as such. Example: Start 990-9980. you'll also notice it wants you to choose a type, either TCP or UDP. Choose accordingly to whichever the input on the list was. Example: UDP 5223 is type UDP. Obvious, right? Also, Start & End port digits are open, so whatever that Start of that range is (TCP 990-9980) the 990 & 9980 are open & any ports in between.

3. If you scan through list of ports on Port Forward, you'll notice the MOST common TCP port is 5223. Do not worry that it is not in the TCP list, as it already is! TCP port range 990-9980 covers this port already, so it doesn't need to be opened twice. 

Now that we've covered the basics on 'how-to', let's bring in the list. this list covers the entire catalog of PS3 games/programs, so enjoy.

Full PS3 list of TCP/UDP ports

TCP: 80-81, 443, 990-9980, 10000-10500, 13505, 14310-14328, 15310-15328, 17502, 18121, 18126, 30350-30400, 42100-42199

UDP: 81, 88, 2005, 3064, 3074-3075, 3478-3479, 3658-3659, 5223, 5730-5739, 6000, 6112, 9570, 9820-9880, 10000, 10500-12500, 14000-14016. 17502, 18126

Hope this helps people connecting with PS3 online, whether it's Twisted Metal or Call of Duty, and anything in between.

PSNID: DaGimp13