Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Here's a sneak peak of THE DARK PAST, the documentary on the history of the Twisted Metal series. It ships with TWISTED METAL-HEAD ON: EXTRA TWISTED EDITION, which comes out Feb 5th! Lots more bonus content on the disc (which you may have read about) but I wanted to give ya'll a quick look at what some of it looks like.

About 6 months ago we put a call out to hardcore/diehard TM fans to send us video clips of them talking about the series. This clip represents some of our favorites! Check it out!

Lots more to come! Nice to be back! Chat soon!


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Friday, January 18, 2008


++++++++++++++EDIT #2+++++++++++++++++

#1- Check out me and Scott on the Playstation Nation podcast! Always fun to work with those guys! Find it Here!

#2- PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take the TM flame wars to TMA? Me and the folks at Eat Sleep Play appreciate and LOVE the passion over the series but this really isn't the place for it. Thanks! :)


A few more Twisted Metal: HEAD ON- EXTRA TWISTED EDITION interviews hitting today...check them out :)

IGN interview

1up interview

Also- as to WHY FUCK WIL WHEATON, considering in the vblog I talk about how much I dig him, it was gonna be this whole joke thing making some comparison between me at one time wanting to be his buddy based on his blog...or something...I've forgotten and now all I recall is the title- FUCK WIL WHEATON!- which I really like...even though I'm a total Wheaton Fan (Wheatie? WheateiHead? Wheatonian?)...anyway...see ya!


Thursday, January 17, 2008

I'm ON THE SPOT today!

Hey ya'll! Head on over to at 4pm (Pacific time) to hear me on their ON THE SPOT show. At least I THINK I am gonna be on (not 100% confirmed yet). And I THINK they have played some of the review code of the new Twisted, so listen in and I will try to pry out some info on if they dug the game, hated it, or were kinda meh on the whole thing.

Also, if you have not seen some of our other press, check out me and Scott doing some press for the new Twisted Metal at:

Gamepro Interview

Gamepro Preview of Twisted Metal: HEAD ON- EXTRA TWISTED EDITION

Game Informer Interview/Preview Hands On


Will also be chatting with IGN and 1up today I THINK. So look out for that as well!


ps. Thanks to Grasshopper for helping me figure out- FINALLY- how to post links to this damn site! Thanks bud!

pps. Extra special thanks to Paul 'bad ass motherfucker' Murphy at Sony PR for setting up all these great PR opps for us. Much as we love the new TM and proud as we are of it, we know without a great PR man hitting the phones, we would not be getting the kind of coverage we are for a PSP-to-PS2 thanks dude!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Can't see the snow in this pic but MAN is it coming down! I was hoping my kids could log on to see how much it's snowing where I'm at- they never see snow in San Diego- but it doesn't show up in this pic. Ah well... :)

Design meetings are going great- man I love design meetings! Then it's like 2 years to get the actual game to live up to what is in everyone's head, but's a blast!

Later ya'll!


Monday, January 14, 2008


This video pauses for a bit but then picks back up and the sound works so ...hell, here ya go! Swamped with meetings, just saying hey!



Thursday, January 10, 2008


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++++++++++SECOND EDIT+++++++++++

Journalist Zaitsev posted this to the comment section and I wanted to share!

Isn't that fantastic? If you missed it, it's suggesting I'm a pinko commie! What would Colonel Flag think (M*A*S*H reference)?

It's amazing that one of the things that used to make America great- the fact that ideas of all kinds, no matter how different or unpopular, could be debated and brought up for discussion- is now the very thing that gets you labeled a commie. Not that this is a new trend, but I think it's been brought to the level of art form by our buddies Bush/Rove/Cheney.

Anyway, great pic Zaitsev! Thank you! And send a link when you get your story up.



Thanks for all the great comments, ya'll. Appreciate the input. A few quick things:

a- as many have pointed out, I am arguing for a single standard not a single console. Thanks for clarifying and helping me express it better. And just because the 'big 3' would never stand for it, as some of you say, I wonder what the big 3 would do if EA, Capcom, Valve, Ubi, Blizzard, Activision,etc. formed a consortium and made a console/standard of their own and agreed to only publish on that standard. It would at least put Sony and Xbox out to pasture unless they did something drastic, pretty damn quick.

b- For the record- to all the semi-sensationalist headlines around the net: Jaffe is not 'arguing for' or 'proposing' anything. I think my blog post made it pretty clear I was simply floating the idea, that I did not think I was 100% right, and that I was open to being educated on the subject. Nice reading skillz, ya'll!

c- Chris Kohler reads good! Thanks for taking me up on it. Read your post at and loved it. And you are spot on: to me, 80% of the game innovation I care about comes via design, not tech. Yes, you need your upgrades but I could live with an upgrade every 8 years or so (like 2d to 3d) and then do the rest via software upgrades and perpipheral add ons. But that's just me. Thanks for your article tho. Lots of good info on the subject there....see ya at Dice/GDC!

Ok, I'm done with it. Back to more posts about me and the wife watching fecal paste slither out of young women's brown eyes. I mean, come on, THAT'S the reason you come here isn't it? Well hell, that's the the reason I post here! :)



Can anyone explain to me how having ONE console would be bad for gamers? Or game developers for that matter?

The argument that keeps coming up is, ‘oh, it would stifle competition and competition is good for gamers!’

But I don’t understand this in regards to console hardware.

One game publisher would be bad. One giant game developer would be bad. I get how those things would hurt gamers. But why would one unified hardware platform?

We have it with DVD, we had it with VHS. We have it with televisions (in the sense that- for the most part- every tv is capable of broadcasting the same signal). So what do we lose by having it for game consoles?

Sure you miss out on some features that may otherwise be available if another console was there to compete. But this is always the way when one format wins over another and becomes the standard. And for those few features you lose, don’t you make up for it in so many other ways? Massive content choice, being the main one. And what about better quality products because the makers of the software/television shows/dvds don’t have to spend one instant struggling to make the same content for 2-3 different systems and instead can focus on making grate content right out of the gate? And you get MORE competition on the software side- which is, to me, where it counts- because there is MORE competition to be the best on a single system instead of content creators splintering and never ever worrying about competing with 2 out of the 3 groups.

For me, those are much bigger reasons to want a single console. Sure, you miss out on a cool feature here, a neat feature there. But we’ve gotten used to this in so many other hardware products and- in doing so- reaped the many more benefits of a single system.

Sure, our industry would have to battle it out to determine who gets to make the system. Is it one company or a group of companies? Or is it like television sets where you have multiple consoles that run the same software but with their own unique features?. And before you toss 3DO at me as an example as to why this won’t work, don’t. 3DO failed because- for the most part- it had crap games and was way too expensive and could not compete with the new game hardware coming out that was selling at much cheaper prices. But if the 3DO had been an XBOX 360 or a PLAYSTATION 2….or even a Wii? Well then I think things would have gone differently.

A lot of people will say: well, the game companies would never agree to this or that or the other. And to me, that is part of the problem our business has overall. Competition is great. But I think the leaders of the biggest groups should come together from time to time- like the big Mafia families do in the movies- and make some decisions together for the overall health of the business. Heck, maybe they already do this and I am just not aware. But if they do, they have not made the right decision on the one thing I think that could benefit gamers and game makers in a massive way: a single console.

As always. I’m up for being proven wrong. I don’t think I have the ultimate answer and I know there are some strong feelings on this topic from some folks. But I’ve yet to have a good argument from anyone-including these vocal anti single system folks- as to why a single console is wrong. Please to educate me? Even if the reason is competition, please explain why it works in other industries but would not work in ours? Thanks!


Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Last few posts...

Took the last few posts down.

I shit you not, Hillary winning last nite really got me upset. Is that lame? Yeah, I guess. I think I just allowed myself to hope- just for a moment- that politics as usual would not prevail. And when politics as usual did, it really annoyed me. More than it should have I think. And so I've been cranky all day.

Hate to write when I am cranky as I don't feel it's an accurate reflection of how I feel about things. I'm actually a big fan of what Nintendo is doing, how can you not be?

So those 'angry David' posts are gone.

Just so ya know where they went :)

Ok, back to work.

Talk later-


Saturday, January 05, 2008

Video Blog #4 is up...

I know I usually put these in the corner- and will continue to do so- but in the interest of seeing the whole reaction, here's a full screen view....I forgot to tell my wife to sit off fault. it is!


Thursday, January 03, 2008


No more comic book stores for me! Check out the latest video blog on the upper right of this blog to see what's up with my newest passion: Marvel Digital Comics!

Will this be the FINAL nail in the coffin for comic stores? Maybe...hell, probably. Just like music stores.

But I think this could also open up the medium to so many more all they gotta do is try to make some comics that grown ups don't feel like idiots reading. I know there are some out there- used to LOVE Strangers in Paradise. But hell, I would love to read an adult oriented ACTION's like you either get the 10 year old boy superhero stories or the 20 something angsty hippie chick comix. Yes this is a generalization but it's kinda true from my 30+ years of comic reading experience.

Either way- this is great stuff for lovers of the medium and lovers of Marvel (that's me!) included! Now DC just needs to fall in line. Eager to see how well this is going for Marvel, money wise. I hope this takes off!

See ya!



Adam Orth-from Sony- just sent me this image of the comic that- it seems- is still in the Sony Santa Monica bathroom! Watch the V-blog to see what the hell I'm talking about :) Thanks Adam! Just glad Herminie isn't photoshopped into the toilet!