Wednesday, July 04, 2007


To all of us American's out there: Happy 4th!

To those serving in the armed forces, I may despise your commander in chief with every fiber I got, but I respect and am in awe of you guys. Thank you very much for your service.

And to those fuckers who live in a state where they can still go and buy this kind of stuff...

...let me just say that I am CRAZY ASS JEALOUS of you right now! 'Personal' fireworks are illegal in California and oh man I so want to share the joy of bottle rockets and roman candles (hell, even sparklers!) with my kids! But no! Here's all we are allowed to have:

Well whopdie-fuckin-mother-fuckin-do: stupid ass party poppers! Fuckin-wee.

Ah well, hard to complain considering we live in a country that- in less that 2 years- will be released from the oppresion of King George II. Then we can start- I hope- turning America BACK into a beacon of hope for many other countries around the world. Republican, Democrat, or otherwise, whoever gets in in 08 has GOT to be better than this guy...right? I mean, NO jail time for Libby?!?! Come the fuck on! What's it take to run this guy out of town already?!?! Sheesh!

But seriously ya'll: whatever your political views, have a safe and fun holiday! I'm sure we all deserve it! See ya'll after the break!