Tuesday, November 18, 2008



HOLY FUCK! Look what I found in this interview with Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon!

In talking about downloadable content for MK VS. DCU he says:

BOON:: No. I think [the characters we chose] are the most popular. I think that pretty much encompassed 90% of the audience. We'd hear people complaining if we didn't have Superman in the game. ... There was the occasional person who said Lobo or Doomsday or someone like that [should have made the cut] but we're hoping to do downloadable content on this game, so that could also be a great opportunity to add some of the ones that were left out.

WOW! FUCKING DOOMSDAY!?! Hell...better yet: FUCKING LOBO!?!? IN A MK GAME?!?! Ok, count me in. Best DLC ever man! Please make this happen, Midway!

Ok...ahem, I'm calm now :)


Had forgotten this hit this week. Saw a review on Kotaku, realized it was out. Ran and picked it up during lunch yesterday and played for a few hours late last nite. I have ALWAYS loved MK, but especially the earlier 2D games. This one feels like a decent cross between old school 2D MK and some of the later 3D efforts.

I'm digging it. The online is buttery smooth and Captan Marvel fucking ROCKS! He's my fave...his special attacks are so fun and really link well together. Green Lantern so far seems kind of cheap but I must just be fighting him wrong cause I know in this day and age they would not allow a character to be that cheap in a fighting game. But man, once someone gets me with that hammer attack, I just can't get up to defend or counter.

Never been much of a SF or TEKKEN or VF fan...that stuff is amazing but way too deep for me. MK is more my speed, for sure! And I am digging this one. Something is a BIT off in the combat, tho. It's not that it's sluggish. It may have to do with reach for the jumps and some of the attacks...the distance the attacks go is a bit too short for me and keeps me from falling into that great combat rhythm I used to get with earlier MKs. I find myself missing a good 30-50% of the attacks just by a few virtual inches. And that bugs. But overall, it's fun! Enough to keep me from finishing the stunning GEARS OF WAR 2 for at least another few nights while I learn some more characters, finish the story mode, and battle online. But then come the weekend, it's back to Gears!

Also, played this yesterday:


NOTE: Took the actual game off the site as it turns out the sound was interfering with the video posts....

I've always been an 'on the edge' Vegetarian. Not a vegan (but we do make sure to get most eggs and cheese products from animal friendly farms). But the meat stuff- since I was a kid- always kind of grossed me out. I DO like the taste of chicken and steak. But the concept of eating something that was very recently walking around is usually too much for me to stomach. But sometimes I deal with it and enjoy a steak at Ruth's Chris or an egg and bacon biscuit at Mickey D's ('mamma! mamma! Grandma won a Centipede game at Mickey D's!!!)...but after playing this- and watching the movie at the end- fuck it. I'm done. For good this time. And I feel pretty darn good about it. It's not for everyone, but it is for me, that's for sure.

Big dog and pony with the Sony folks tomorrow- wish us luck!

Talk later!


ps. the sound is coming from the Peta game- sorry about that. Wish I could turn it off....if it gets annoying, I will just rip the game from the post and put up a link.