Friday, October 31, 2008

See you next Wednesday...

Bwaaa Haaaa Haaaa!!!!

Happy Halloween Ya'll!!!!


ps. No, I am not really on hiatus till next Wednesday. If you don't know what that is from them you are too young or I am just too old :)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

To the fucking idiot Kotaku commenters who clearly can not read:

...seems some of the commenters over on Kotaku- who just ran a story about how I said FUCK OFF to someone asking about a PS3 version of Twisted Metal- thought I was a dick in speaking to folks that way.

Let me make three things clear. Or at least try to. I will be using TEXT (aka WORDS) to make my points and it's obvious many of you Kotaku commenters seem to have a hard time grasping this new fangled communication device but I will do my here goes:

#1- if you actually read Kotaku you would see- in referring to my FUCK OFF comment- they said this:

"When one typed question asked Jaffe "Are you developing Twisted Metal for PS3 David — YES OR NO", the Twisted Metal light heartily replied:

We haven't announced anything yet... now FUCK OFF

See those words LIGHT HEARTILY...? Do they MEAN anything to you?

#2- If you click on the link from the Kotaku site (that covers the Eurogamer story about this event) you will find this text:

"Relaying a question from a member of the audience, festival director Iain Simons typed: "Are you developing Twisted Metal for PS3 David - YES OR NO."

Jaffe responded with a stock "We haven't announced anything yet," before adding, "now F*** OFF."

The audience took the comment in the good humour it was intended, and the session was drawn to an appropriate close

#3- And finally: While I am brash and obnoxious at times (mainly because I find the ultra PC environment we live in toxic to the spirits of all humans and thus feel this ultra PC environment needs to have its teeth kicked in from time to time...oh hell, all the fucking time), I have never and WILL never insult ANY ONE who goes out of their way to take interest in our work and ask me a question (unless they are being a prick to me). I mean, here is a guy who got off his ass and went to a place that I was not even really there, I was VIRTUALLY there. You think I'm really going to be a dick to him?!? And I will CERTAINLY NEVER insult ANYONE who cares enough about a game series we have worked on (in this case, Twisted Metal) to ask a question about said series. We are all grateful the series has fans who care enough to ask us over and over what the future holds for Sweet Tooth and the gang. And as I've said before, I am contractually bound by Sony to NOT announce our new game. That is Sony's job and Sony will announce when they are ready. I would LOVE to tell you guys what we are doing but I'm not going to jeopardize our company's contract and/or reputation and so I remain mum on the whole thing. I am sure you understand.

Ok, hope that clears up some stuff.

Back tomorrow with a fresh video blog.

Talk then! Hope you are all doing well!


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Love it...

Probably the best political ad I've seen this season...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Still on break for a bit more but I had to pipe in real fast:

Lord have mercy- E3 has JUST announced that it's going back to old school format (THANK GOD!!!! GAMING GODS, YOU ARE REAL AND YOU HAVE ANSWERED MY PRAYERS!!!) and already...fucking ALREADY...there are asshats bitching about in: well, if E3 was fine back in the 1995-2006 years, it never would have needed to that I say: GO FUCKYOURSELF!!! Just don't come if you don't like it! Stay the fuck home!!!

It's a God Damned circus is what it is and I for one am SOOOOOO thrilled to have it back. I'm not gonna sit here and pretend, "Oh I am so serious, I have business to do there and all the sweaty fanboys and Gamestop workers and booth babes are in my way of doing serious business...brr! brr! Mr. Potter's the name! Brrr!"'s like, 'ultra serious dude who has probably never actually shipped a game that anyone gave a shit about' ? Uhm would you please just go and FUCK OFF!!!! Sounds to me like a bunch of elitist bullshit where wannabes who have somehow managed to get a toe hold in the biz now get the chance to act all high and mighty towards the 'little people' who are not where they are yet. It's like: 'waaaahhh! waahhhh! This is MY special club and I don't want anyone below me to come in it so I get to feel like a big shot....wahhhh!'

Well fuck that.

I do 'business' at E3 as well. We all do. And yeah our feet get sore and our voices run out and we are tired as shit at the end...and yeah, SOMETIMES the booth babe thing makes our industry look immature...but so the hell what....sometimes the booth babes are just damn fine to look at and what the hell is wrong with that? I mean really.. so-the-fuck- what? Why can't E3 be loud and obnoxious and the fucking geek party of the year as well as a place to do the biz? Oh and damn, you get to catch up with all your industry friends too. AND the mainstream media covers our biz all over the place?!?!

What the SHIT (tired of writing FUCK) are you complaining about?!?! As for who is complaining, I ain't naming names but it's on a major game site...that's all I will say.

....and I am SOOOOO glad it's back. GOD this rocks! Thanks to all those who made it happen...and to bring back a quote from the 60's and to mangle it a all those who don't like these new developments: if it's too loud/too big/too spectacular...then ya'll are just too damn old!

Later ya'll!

Happy David

ps. I guess the public is not going to be let in via tickets and such but it sounds like it's not going to be that big of a deal to get in if you really have your heart set on it? FANTASTIC! Now maybe next year they will sell some tickets and let the public in...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Teeny Tiny Hiatus

...I have nothing interesting to say right now and I can not stand to do another video blog with my fucking green fishing hat and me ranting about this, that, or something else...

...need to go off and get much work done, find some balance, and recharge. Mushrooms in the desert sounds good...Philip? U up for it?

Will be back to blogging in a week- talk soon! Have a great week ya'll!



Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I will be in the UK at Gamecity over in Nottingham end of this month...well, sort of!

Check it out!

It's the inaugural 'episode' of FROM THE DESK, a new feature of the show where they have guests video conference into the show from all over the world. My understanding is they are going to project my ichat signal up onto a giant screen and I'll get to interface with the audience, take questions, talk games,etc.

Should be fun and it's just the way I like to travel! I always wish I could BE in cool places but the trouble of prepping for a flight, the flight itself, customs, jetlag, then doing it all over to get back home....yuch man. Can't stand it. And with small kids, I also hate being away from home any more than I absolutely have to as I don't want to miss a day of them growing up.

Perhaps someone in Nottingham will grab the computer and take me for a laptop stroll around town so I can see the sites...hell, this is where Robin Hood is supposedly from, yes? That would be great!

Ok, chat with you guys in a bit.


ps. back to playing Metal Gear! Oh MAN this game is good!!!! Kinda bummed I'm playing now cause it seems like the PERFECT holiday game to get lost in, staying up till 3am battling bosses, playing on New Year's Eve day,etc...every year there is a game like that that becomes my holiday game...wonder what it will be this year. Prince of Persia? Dead Space? Resistance 2, perhaps? Shit, now I'm all excited for Uncharted 2!!! Oh, ya know I never played Mass Effect...maybe I'll get that for the holidays...anyway, gotta run...stop by and see me in Nottingham if you guys hit Gamecity this year!

pps. I am also doing a similar video conference convention appearance in Philly in November. Check it out. if you are going, come in and see me! I wonder how these virtual 'tours' are gonna work out...cause people who wanna see me virtually can always just come here! :) But hell, I'm up for giving it a try!

Friday, October 10, 2008


Do NOT watch this if you are:

a- an easily angered conservative as it's very liberal
b- only here for game info...this is all politics

Thanks-great weekend ya'll!


ps. the mess we are in- that I refer to above- is about America's reputation in the world and wars we are fighting...I am fully aware and ashamed that folks in the Democratic party (not that I am a Democrat but I am more Dem than Repub) had such a large hand in ASPECTS of the financial crisis. BUT if you think it's all Barney and his boyz and no Republicans or not the sheer greed of consumers then you are wrong, I feel.

Thursday, October 09, 2008


NOTE: Rambling...AGAIN! Sorry guys- not a lot of time to think these days when I post as I do it in between downloading builds of the game..

SECOND NOTE: I post comments under da criminal...not JAFFE. Anyone posting as anything else claiming to be me is not really me. And to make sure it's me, click on my name and it should take you to this that way you will know it's really me.


Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Life, The Universe, And Everything

Posted this on another board (a super secret one that I can not talk about) during a discussion of the new Bill Maher film, Religilous. Decent movie, not a lot of new info if you watch REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER, but it's a solid flick and it does- as intended- generate some discussion.

So I thought this post I made on that subject summed up my views on religion and God pretty darn good. Not that anyone was asking, but hey, I like discussing religion as much as politics, ya go :)

The more I hear atheists talk, the more they seem as diluted as the folks who simply believe in God without any proof.

Given how much has changed in regards to our knowledge of our own planet, let alone the universe and the laws that- we think- govern the majority of that universe, how any atheist can claim that what we've learned through science is enough to know the truth about much of anything is, to me, ignorant. Given how much we know- which is still very little considering the size of the universe and the numerous mysteries we have yet to solve, let alone the mysteries that we have yet to even discover- how atheists can use science as their proof is- to me- as ignorant as a religious person using a religious text as theirs. And it's not ignorant because-clearly- we can see the effects of gravity but we don't- at least most people on a conscious level anyway- see the effects of a God sanctioned miracle. But ignorant because both of these roads to the truth (science and religion) have some massive pot holes. Hell, both roads are mostly made up of potholes and it's rare to even see the road.

Given how little we know about anything in regards to life, the universe, and everything, it seems the height of arrogance on ALL sides to plant a flag and stake ANY sort of claim to ANY sort of truth.

Now a lot of folks bag on us agnostics because we don't 'pick a side'. But when both sides are clearly missing so many pieces of the puzzle, isn't the only logical response to sit back, watch the show, and simply admit, "beats the fuck out of me as to what is going on'?

Tuesday, October 07, 2008



Last 3 weeks have been totally dedicated- on my part- to level design. It's been fun and the levels are coming along great. But now it's time to shift gears to game play, game mechanics, and balance/detail issues. This is where the game really comes alive. The goal should be- at the end of this 'gameplay fitness' regime (as Scott calls it)- that we can put the controller in the hands of people and they realize it's very, very rough and they may need some explanations about some of the game play- but
once all that is taken into account- they are having a decent-to-really fun time.

Over the last month, as I've played the game and seen things I don't like, things I want to change/adjust, or just had brainstorms or issues, I'd write them on a post it note and stick it on my desk. Well today- now that level design is done for a few weeks- it's time to take those notes and get bizzy working with the team to deal with my gameplay issues, as well as the issues the rest of the team has.

So I've taken all my issues and put them in a hat and now I'm about to start going thru them all, one by one, and making notes of things I'd like to see the team take on in hopes of getting the game to a really fun state.

Wish us luck! Thought I'd share!


ps. not my place to say anything about the GOW III game director. Do I know who it is? Yes. Do I like the person. Totally. Do I think this person is very talented and hope this person will bring the talent I've seen from him before into the role of game director? Hells yeah. But it's not my place to drop names on a game I am not involved with. Keep an eye out from Sony in regards to this issue.

****END UPDATE*******

Hey- rammbly post today- just saying hey:

ps. MAN look at me pounding the caffeine...

Thursday, October 02, 2008

OK...I said I'd fuck her...and I still would...


Ok, gotta admit, she did MUCH MUCH better in the debate than I ever dreamed she would. Was it rope-a-dope? Doubt it. I mean, to me, she came nowhere close to winning and man, I always liked Biden but shucks, he was just great for a liberal like me to hear. I know there's this contingency of the country that loves this idea of electing people who are 'just like them' or with whom they would like to have a beer. But me...and alot of other folks? Man, give us someone smart, well spoken, and wise to run the country ANY day, And that is what I saw in Biden last nite. But all that said, you gotta hand it to Palin- while she did not win and she did not say anything really all that valuable- she more than made up for her horrific interviews over the last two weeks. But THAT said, someone needed to call her on her shit of, "Oh, well golly gatcha jeeze, I don't wanna answer THAT question, but how about I pick this little critter right here instead and talk about that?''s like, lady, it's a DEBATE not a fucking buffet...

Ok, up early to head to "Dad's Day" at my kid's school this morning (I have NO clue what this is...they said to show up for some hour long assembly and so, hey, I'm showing up...) and then driving to LA to meet with the Sony folks. Chat with you guys this weekend or next week. Have a great weekend!


END UPDATE ***************

...but DEAR GOD don't make me talk to her afterwards...

God, I can't wait for tonite...even if she doesn't crash and burn, it should be an interesting night of tee-vee :)


ps. is this left wing propaganda? Yup, yup. You betcha! And could you pretty much edit a video with selected clips and make ANYONE look ANY way you wanted? Sure, no doubt. BUT come on, even you die hard McCain supporters- and I respect you, I do- but you guys/gals can NOT be feeling good about this woman...can you? Really? Come on....

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

What the hell, G4?

This is the SECOND time G4's website has totally LIED about me and my positions.

As I've said before, I dig some of the stuff on G4 and they've always been good to me to my face.

But guys, this is just bullshit.

Please adjust your story to reflect reality, k?

Check out what this guy John Manalang writes:

Jaffe Speaks On 'God Of War' Film
Posted by John Manalang - Wednesday, October 01, 2008 11:17 AM
According to God of War designer David Jaffe, whether the Ratner-helmed film will be a "massive hit or a massive flop" in terms of profits, Mr. Jaffe wouldn't really care. Why? He'll get a big fat ZERO off it anyhow. But he's open to the idea of Ratner, especially the producer on the film project (S words are involved kiddies):

Wow-where in the world did I ever say I wouldn't really care if the film financially flops or hits?!? I think my video post and update made it clear I am a fan of the GOD OF WAR universe and the folks making the movie and I have high hopes for it. Yes, I will make no MONEY off of it, but that does not mean I don't care if it's a financial hit and I have no fucking clue why you would assume such a thing. In fact the whole point of my update was that money- or lack of money- is NOT the reason I am positive about the movie. I don't think I ever stated if I cared if the film was a hit or not. But my actions- saying I think the film is in good hands and I wish it well- should indicate which side my toast is buttered on. But to spell it out for you: yes, I would very much like the GOD OF WAR movie to be a hit.

Man, do you guys have like editors or fact checkers or ANYTHING over there? I mean, this is the SECOND fucking time you guys have just made shit up about me and my views. Who is running the place over there, Steve Schmidt?!? What the hell?