Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Firing Squad has just posted an interview about our new game...check it out when you get the time:

There were some original concept art shots I sent along with the interview but for some reason they are missing...grrr!!!

Either way, should give you a better idea of where we are with the title.

Thank you Firing Squad for the opportunity!

So, I'm swamped with work right now as there are only 3 days left till the break.

FINALLY got a consumer model PS3 yesterday! Sweet! My HDTV has not arrived from the Sony Store yet so I'm playing on my SD tv...but still, RIDGE RACER is a blast (never played the 360 version), love Ultimate Alliance as well!

I'm Indiana Jaffe if anyone wants to add me as a friend. I will accept all you folks I've gotten to know thru this blog but not strangers (sorry!)...hope to see you guys/gals online!