Friday, March 07, 2008

How the hell?!?!

++++++++++++++SECOND EDIT+++++
Just picked up some medicine for my oldest kid...she's got a bit of a cold. And so I'm waiting in line at the local Rite-Aid pharmacy and I see FUCKED UP is this?!?!

Candy and sweets and all kinds of shit to make you sick and clog your arteries and make you a diabetic being sold RIGHT AT THE SAME COUNTER you buy medicine to cure those very ailments. It's either irony or a conspiracy...I vote for both, depending on my fucking nuts man.


++++++++FIRST EDIT+++++++++
Pics from the CODE MONKEYS voice over recording session:

Here's Scott doing his thang at a recording studio in Salt Lake City!

And here I am, shouting at the mic at a studio somewhere deep in San Diego:

On my end, whole thing took all of 20 minutes. It was just me and a sound engineer who was way past the target age for the show. I got the sense he didn't approve of hearing me scream such ad libbed lines as: 'I will fucking kill you up your ass with a god damned piece of plastic, motherfucker!'

Ah well...such is life!

Waiting for Scott to send me his pics, will post those as soon as I get them!


Running out to record my character for an upcomming episode of CODE MONKEYS!

Scott is recording his character out in Utah this afternoon.

So let me get this straight: we get to make video games with amazing teams AND we get to be fucking cartoons??!

How the hell did we get so lucky, I just don't know!

Post some pics from the session later- gotta run!