Wednesday, March 05, 2008

VIDEO BLOG: Overproduced Games + Code Monkeys Take II + Obama/Clinton?!?!



Simply enough.

I am done drinking Diet Coke...or any diet soda.

I've been drinking this slow suicidal sludge for most of my life. And not just my adult like...but most of my ENTIRE life. Well no more.

My gut tells me it's toxic and bad for me, even tho Coke says otherwise. I know it must be addicting because I crave these little cans of fuck like nobody's business. In the future, I would be stunned if we did NOT see a congressional hearing where makers of this shit-in-a-can are forced to admit to putting addictive chemicals into the blend.

Going to get on water, mainly sparkling water, so I get that carbonation bite that I love...and then just hunker down and try to beat this thing.

God, my biggest loss will be no longer having my Diet Coke and Popcorn that I get at the movies. But I will not make exceptions. I'll just snuggle in my sparkling water.

Fuck you, Coke.

Fuck you up your stupid Coca-Cola ass.
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Hey ya'll!

Working away, not alot of time to post today but wanted to get something up. I've got this crazy idea about trying to post SOMETHING once a clue if I got enough stuff to blog about for that much it may remain a dream...or I may just TRY it for a month and see what happens! :) Take it easy ya'll!