Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What else can I say? Perfection...

UPDATE: While I'm in the mood to post political pics that I had nothing to do with- but think are great, here's another one I came across at the great left leaning website, Huffington Post:

It's Obama's short list for his VP pick.

Man, I hope he picks Hillary. I don't like her public persona but I think she'd make a great VP and eventually a great pres. If they can swallow their pride, I bet they'd make a great team and MAN, I bet they would clean up in November...I would be happier with Wes Clark but dunno if he is as strong from a pure 'get out the Democratic vote' standpoint. I like Biden as well, but feel he has the same lack of 'kick' that Clark does. Sad that that is what it comes down to but, it kinda does in this day and age. It's what happens when we put most of our tax dollars into stupid shit like bullshit wars and ignore public education.


Got this from Wil Wheaton's great blog. I mean, I don't know how I can add anything else so I'll just say: good night! :)