Tuesday, June 09, 2009


For the next few weeks anyway- perhaps beyond- I'll be in Twitter mode only.

So busy with the game these days that I just don't have the energy/desire to do the blogging thing.

Our EAT SLEEP PLAY website should be up soon and I'll be doing blogging from there and I'll let you know when it hits.

But for now, I'll be tweeting several times/day (if not more)...it's the perfect way to communicate with folks who dig our work without taking away energy from the work itself!

Talk soon you guys/gals!


Thursday, June 04, 2009

Cranky Bastard

My Imac died over the week and I went to the Apple store last nite to pick up a new one. Just got up and they had emailed me a survey to fill out about my shopping experience. So I filled it out. Felt fucking GOOD too.

Here's the answer I gave when asked to explain why I had rated my shopping experience at the Apple store so low (a 5 out of 10):

I almost walked out of the store after standing around for 20+ minutes and not being able to find anyone to help me give my money to your company. I walked in fully ready to drop two to three grand and I NEEDED a computer for my work but I almost gave up on the whole endeavor. When I eventually got help, the sales person was GREAT. Very helpful and smart and friendly. That was a great experience. But before he showed up, I was told- by someone in an orange shirt- that he could help me but was not allowed because it was not his department. He was like, "You need to go find one of the guys in the light blue shirts to help you". And I'm like, "I'm trying to give your company my money...why is it my job to hunt down a fucking salesperson? Why is it my job to figure out your stupid shirt color scheme and make sure that I pick the RIGHT guy in the RIGHT shirt cause otherwise, the person I pick- while totally capable of helping me- simply will not?!?" Come on guys- that's just piss poor service and the Apple name demands much, much better. I know Jobs is out on sick leave but what, the boss can't take a few months off without you guys forgetting your core values?

Let me give you a little hint: if you've got a store FULL of fucking people who are NOT HELPING ANYONE and a customer walks in wanting to spend some cash in your store, then you should help that person. Now I know this is a crazy idea, but bear with me: see EVEN IF you are not wearing the right colored tee shirt but you are capable of helping the customer, you should really help the customer.

But again, once I FINALLY got a salesperson- and thank GOD he had the proper shirt color so he could help me- he really was fantastic. He knew his stuff, was very friendly, very helpful, and it was a great shopping experience once I finally got help.

So overall, I give the experience a 5/10. The actual sales person experience was like a 9. And I don't mind waiting...sometimes you have to wait. But the REASON I had to wait 20+ minutes was simply stupid, insulting, and idiotic and so that is why I rate the overall shopping experience much lower.

This is why it's a bad idea for me to fill out surveys when I'm tired :)


Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Hey ya'll. Swamped with work this week and following the E3 stuff on the internets. I MAY go up to the show for a day tomorrow but Scott just sent out the milestone list for end of June and there's a ton of shit on there so I could see me skipping all together this year...good news is, we SHOULD be on show floor next year! So excited...and it's only 12 months away :)

Anyway, not much blogging this week but I am twittering when I get a chance, so follow me on twitter if you like :)...twitter=so much faster than blogging :)