Sunday, April 06, 2008

My new office...

Sitting at a Starbucks in Carlsbad, Ca while my wife takes a pole dancing class down the street. She's been pole dancing for fitness for like, 8 months now, and she's just nuts about it. And my God, it has transformed her body like you would not believe. I've taken a spin or two on the pole we got at our house and let me tell you, that shit is HARD! Now granted, I'm not in contention for World's Strongest Man, but hell, after just one spin on that pole, I was sore for two days. But anyway, she's there, so I'm here, working :)

We're back in LA for a wedding we went to last nite. One of the lead artists on the GOD OF WAR series got married. The wedding itself was personal and sweet and clearly full of love. Plus we had a blast seeing lots of the God of War/Sony Santa Monica team. It was tons of fun.

Then me and my wife went to the best Mexican restaurant in the world for brunch this morning...check it:

Mmmm....Panchos! If you are ever in Manhattan Beach, you gotta give Panchos a try. It is so good! And the chips alone are worth the trip!

God, it's been good being back in LA. Gotta get our asses back up here soon...I miss this town!

Maybe we'll swing by GATE OF INDIA on the way home so we can have Indian food when we're back in San Diego tonite! Yumm! Gate of India!!! :)

Man, I'm sitting here with the Sunday LA TIMES next to me, just begging to be read (LOVE the Sunday LA TIMES)....yeah, I gotta alot of work to do...already behind on the design...but damn, it's Sunday...what to do...Ok...I'll work for a good hour, then chill and read the paper as my reward! That'll do it!

Chat later ya'll!