Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Here she is, as requested!


Took the family to Disneyland last week for my youngest's 3 year old bday! What a total blast- I love that place; love taking my kids. We did the whole shebang: stayed over, did the character breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen (Oh my GOD the woman playing Princess Jasmine is so hot!), rode EVERYTHING at least once at Dland, stayed for the parade, and got to California Adventure for the first time! Heck, even bought a couple of season passes as I plan on going back at least a couple of times this year with my kids.

Two quick things about it:

1- We went in the off season in the middle of the week and let me just tell you- if you can swing it- THAT is the way to go to Disneyland. On Wednesday there NO lines! And I mean NO lines. The amount of time it took to get on space mountain was LITERALLY the amount of time it took to walk the distance from the entrance of the ride (outside in tomorrow land) to the place where you actually sit your ass down on the coaster. I rode that thing three times in the span of an hour! So great! But I will say the experience of WAITING and ANTICIPATING to get on a ride DOES add a lot to the experience. Without it, the ride actually feels a bit less special. But it was still great. And I don't know if anyone out there knows but on Wednesday Space Mountain felt so damn fast that I think it was the fastest coaster I've ever been on. Road it again Thursday and it felt slower, more normal. Do they change the speeds on any given day?!?!

2- California Adventure was even less crowded and I really dug it. Tower of Terror?!? Oh my GOD! Talk about AMAZING presentation! SUCH a wonderful experience. I took my 5 year old without realizing how scary it was gonna be (me being an idiot, I guess I ignored the word TERROR in the fucking title of the ride)! But still, it is so fun! Anyway, caught this pic:

I just thought this was pretty funny as Disney does such a great job at keeping a lot of the behind the scenes stuff hidden. But me and my oldest are on the ferris wheel type thing that really is quite scary if you are afraid of heights and as we are about to start the ride, they send this woman out to clean the puke from the car in front of us. See that trash bag she's holding? Full of paper towels that have sopped up quite a bit of vomit.

Not sure why, but I enjoyed that/found it interesting.

Magic Kingdom huh??! How about the Kingdom Where You Puke and Vomit and Stuff and Get Reall Sick And.......errr....ahem...yeah...anyway....

And man, I was really, really scared being way up there. I never understood how people got scared going to theme parks because I'm always aware that- for the most part- everything is ultra safe. But being up so high really pressed some primal buttons in me. And being aware we were/are in earthquake country pushed even more buttons. And I really had to force myself to joke and chat with my kid just so she could see her dad was not afriad...but dude, I totally was. It was kinda fun to be scared like that...rides NEVER scare me.

Ok, back to it. Just saying hi- chat later!