Saturday, January 31, 2009

While My Tea Gently Steeps...

The entire house is sick.

I have Pink Eye. And I swear I didn't eat poo or have someone fart on my pillow or whatever it was that got those guys Pink Eye in KNOCKED UP.

My 3 year old has it and she gave it to me.

Now she may very well have eaten poo. She's done it before. She'll probably do it again.

And word on the street is, Pink Eye is very contagious. Hell, you may get it yourself just by reading this blog post.

Anyway, so I'm waiting for my cup of tea to steep, eager to gulp it down in my American McGee's Grimm mug that I got from GAMETAP last year (thanks Gametap)! It's a pretty neat mug that gives you the dark version of the fairy tail (not sure which one) when it's filled with hot water.

Also ran to Gamestop tonite to grab a few games I've been meaning to play for research. When you are sick, crashing on the couch and gaming is a great way to rest while not going stir crazy. Not sure what to think of LORD OF THE RINGS: CONQUEST. I like aspects of it a lot. It's clearly a well made game with some very fun and very creative elements. And I was a fan of the movies so it's cool to get to play them online. But the success at the combat seems kind of random. Not sure if that is the combat system itself or if it's the nature of trying to process semi-speedy melee attacks with 15 other players online. Again, I do like the game. I think I will play it some more when I get the time. But I'm at that very dangerous point in a game where I'm searching for depth- now that the fun. visceral aspect has worn off- but where that depth is going to come from is not apparent.

Gameplay really is like layers of an onion. You need at least 2 layers to keep things interesting when you are talking pure game systems (shallow and medium). If you don't have that- GOD OF WAR did not- then you better have lots of variety to your level and mission designs to counter the shallowness of the system so you do not bore the player. Now I am not saying LORD OF THE RINGS: CONQUEST is shallow. In fact, looking at the level designs, there's a sense that much thought has gone into the layouts in order to bring out some nice depth. But I'm at a point right now where the core play- the combat- is feeling like it needs to have something else to offer (or needs to have more technique that- once mastered- gives me the upper hand) because right now I walk up to an enemy and it totally feels like luck in regards to who is going to live and who is going to die. But like I said, gonna keep playing, at least a while longer, and see what surprises the game has in store.

Ok ya'll- gonna do some work and then hit the hay. Chat later-


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Focus, Jaffe...FOCUS!

****UPDATE: Thanks tons to lb003g0676 over on my youtube channel for providing me with a new, cool, kick ass banner! I love it!


ps. TO THE TWO JACKET WINNERS- please comment on this post your email ONE MORE TIME? I am so sorry I've just been so swamped...gonna get those out this week I promise but I need your addresses and need your email so we can get your addresses from you....thanks for your understanding. David

Friday, January 23, 2009


So some thoughts on this:

#1- Ok, the animation is way too cartoony for my tastes...if the visual style matched the cartoony CLONE WARS style, it would make great sense. But the art direction looks realistic while Indy animates all cartoony. Interesting choice, but based ONLY off my viewing this trailer a few times, I wish they would have committed to one direction or the other.

#2- Don't really care about it being canned for PS3 or 360. I have a Wii and I like my Wii and hey, if you are doing whipping action, better to use the Wi-mote, you know?

#3- The Indy franchise seems a bit slippery to get a strong handle on, you know? I mean, little kids of today are not Indy nuts (as the poor toy sales from Crystal Skull proves) so is Wii the best place for this game? I mean, dads and moms have the Wii too so maybe it's a smart choice; make something that connects with the moms and dads in the Wii crowd, something that connects with their generation. And the thing is, Indy- as a brand itself- has never been as popular as the kind of stuff that connects head on with the 360 and PS3 core perhaps it's a pretty wise move.

Either way- I AM SO STOKED! I LOVE Indy and will play ANY Indy game there is. I played Emperor's Tomb on my XBOX and while it was very rough around the edges, I still really dug it. So yeah, I'm really jazzed about this.

Love the way the trailer is put together with the whole transition gimmick. Love the variety of locations as well.

Totally jazzed. Be there on day 1. Thanks Lucasarts for keeping my boyhood hero alive and kicking!


Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Hey ya'll- We will send those out Monday of next week Fed Ex. Sorry about that. We've just been so caught up with this greenlite meeting that we just have not had the time to do anything else. We'll take care of it first think Monday- I am sorry about that. Totally my fault. Thanks for understanding.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hey Kotaku? Yeah, you!


Hey Kotaku- I know you read this. So you gotta give me an answer.

What is with the whole, "Here is your..." sentence structure that you guys seem obsessed with these days.

Here is your New Final Fantasy Playstation Console
Here are your XBLA top ten retro games
Here is your super dooper next-gen graphics PC car
Here is your daily dose of publisher hyperbole
Here are your monthly NPD numbers

Oooh, I know:

Here is your chance to knock it the FUCK off cause it drives me up the fucking wall!

Ahem... :)

So, are you guys riffing on some net meme that I am not aware of? Is it indeed a joke that I simply don't get cause I musta missed the kick off meeting (ala the whole DUDE HUGE thing, which in the end, had to be explained to me by a kind poster on this blog)?

The only thing I can think of is when that Playstation spokeswoman ages ago was showing the XMB and she's all like- after showing it, "And there's your new interface"....

...that stuck with me cause I just found her wording a touch on the odd side...

...but that probably has nothing to do with what you guys are doing/referencing/talking about, but it's the only thing in my memory bank that even comes close to feeling like a cross reference.

So I ask: What is up with this, Kotaku?!?'s my problem, not yours. I still loves ya, Kotaku. But for the love of God, explain the joke or tell me it's NOT supposed to be a joke and it's just the way you guys talk/write so I can stop getting annoyed by it.

High maintenance? ME?!?! Nah... :)



Thursday, January 15, 2009

Brief Hiatus

Hey all- sorry for the lack of posts this week. Been swamped getting ready for our big dog and pony (as well as focus tests) next week in San Fran and Los Angeles.

I will be back to regular posting next week or the start of the next. So check back then for new updates.

Have a great weekend- take care- see ya soon!

Thanks for understanding! We are just crazy swamped!


UPDATE: A brief interview I did with the ACADEMY OF INTERACTIVE ARTS AND SCIENCES just went up. Thanks to commenter GUY for pointing this out!

Friday, January 09, 2009

From Creator to Fan + my kid is sick of Granola bars...

And here's part II :)

Have a great weekend ya'll!


If we ever make another Twisted Metal... I know where to go for our vehicle designs!

Man, that's cool!


Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Well Hell...

My heart goes out to all those 1up and EGM folks who lost their jobs today. It's a real shame considering what an important part you guys/gals have played in the US gaming world all these years. Thanks for the many, many years of great, entertaining work.

Good luck landing on your feet and finding new jobs that you love.



Here is the link to N'gai's response to my previous video post...

And here are the AMAZING Mighty Mugg Twisted Metal customs, compliments of Mrs. Ven0m over at Twisted Metal Alliance!

Sweet Tooth!

Mr. Grimm!

And even AXEL! Love the tires!

Ok ya'll- chat soon! Take it easy!