Sunday, April 10, 2011


Hey! GTTV just launched our brand new TWISTED METAL trailer that- as it turns out- reveals the release date at the end! Thanks to Geoff and Jeremy and the rest of the gang at Gametrailers/GTTV for supporting our game- we really, really appreciate it!

So, check out the trailer below:

Twisted Metal Video Game, Exclusive Broken Trailer | Video Clip | Game Trailers & Videos |

What you think? I'm super happy with it and think all the folks at Eat Sleep Play, Sony, Sony VASG, Sony Marketing, Sony PR, Create (the team doing the post work) and Matt Donaldson (our super creative, super nice live action director) did an amazing job on this thing! From the gameplay footage to the live action shots, this is really feeling like the Twisted Metal we've been seeing in our heads for the last few years! So exciting!

Anyway, so: super slammed with the game so no time to chat.

Prepping for a tuning trip in Utah right now (heading out tonight, tuning for 2 days, then in LA Wednesday for our press event). I'll be back on Thursday and post some pics from the event!

Meanwhile, hope you dug our launch trailer and stay tuned for a new, extended version of this trailer (more live action, more gameplay) that should be hitting the net next week sometime (Thursday I THINK?)...

Oh, and check me out on Friday's Playstation blog. I really wished they woulda used the whole edit (it was much more fun and stupid) but hey, it ain't my blog- I'm just glad they are pimping the game and being as supportive and helpful as they are :)...check it out!

Fun video but hell: could they have picked a more unflattering picture of me to freeze frame on?!? Ah well- whatcha gonna do? 

Ok ya'll- crazy day ahead of me so I gotta bolt. Gotta: pay tons of bills (been putting that off cause it takes a lot of time) THEN head to Sony to review sound fx for Wednesday night then head to Sony editing to review edits for Wednesday night videos (which I hope to see up on the net soon) then head to the mall to buy some jeans (I literally have 1 pair of socially acceptable jeans at this point cause I've been too busy to go clothes shopping for over a year) then home to pack and get all my tuning notes ready then head out to the airport. Gonna be a busy mo-fukin day! Ok- I'm on it! Later ya'll! Talk soon!