Friday, September 12, 2008

HEY 19!

One of my buddies from college- hey Susan!- just uploaded this pic from 1993/94 to facebook!

Oh MAN! Look at those glasses! That hair!!! Wow! Please, when you are guys are done with the time machine please let me take it for a spin. I need to go back to that night and beat some sense into that clueless motherfucker! :)

One thing that has not changed however is my never ending love for The Olive Garden- that is where we were when that pic was taken. You can tell by the very classy mural displaying an Itallian country side that has been painted on the wall. :)

Yep, there we are, at the Olive Garden in Westwood (all the SC' kids took the tram to Westwood on weekends...what were we gonna do, hang out in South Central?!?!). So that's us, hanging on the stairs leading up to the 'main dining room' of that fine institution of Italian cuisine! Oh man, I can taste the breadsticks now!

Ok, swamped with work (documents and maps)...gotta run!

Shit, are there any movies to see this weekend?