Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Check out my cameo on CODE MONKEY's tomorrow (Wednesday night). It's on the cable channel G4.

I have no clue how it's going to come out but it was fun to do! It took like 15 minutes over at the Code Monkey offices in Los Angeles. It was neat to do tho, and I keep watching my mailbox for the image of me in toon form that the Code Monkey folks say they will send me! I so wanna frame that thing!

Anyway, give it a watch, lemme know how I did!

Gotta run, heading to Utah in the morning!


Sunday, July 29, 2007

MY DAY AT THE CON (aka Geoff Keighly Teaches Me The Meaning Of Fandom)

So I went to the 2007 Comic-Con on Thursday and had an absolute blast. The con itself was way more crowded than usual (the thing just keeps attracting more and more people)! The crowds- along with the traffic jam that stretched out some 30 blocks in front of the convention center and saw me stuck in my car for over an hour- would have usually been enough to put me in a foul mood for the entire day. But I’ve really been into positive thinking lately (The Secret and all that…it really works)! So instead of focusing on the maddening crowds, I decided to shift my perception to the fact that I was- first off- simply walking around: alive, healthy, and semi-young. Considering the large amount of folks who needed wheel chairs and canes to move about the convention floor (not to mention those poor souls too sick to attend in the first place), I easily counted myself as lucky. Toss in the fact that I was walking around a massive room stuffed with all the things that inspire me and stir my soul-from sci-fi movies to long lost toys from my childhood to actual pieces of pop culture that I've had a hand in creating-and you’ve got the makings of a great fucking day.

And when I decided to view things from that perspective, I found myself so grateful; so excited that I could share the day with my fellow geeks; enjoying the things that all geeks love so much. I surprised myself and got a bit of a high from the whole thing. Even more surprising, it's a high that I am still on. I’m back at work now, fueled and inspired to work my ass off in order to do my part to make sure that all of the games out of EAT SLEEP PLAY are worthy of- one day- being included in the amazing cannon of geek culture.

Ok, so what did I do specifically at the con? Well, I’ll tell you (he’s going to tell, he’s going to tell):

#1- HUNG WITH MR. KEIGHLY- I did an interview with Geoff Keighly from GAMEHEAD (Spike TV). Geoff’s a great guy who has always been nice to me and good to the games we make. I really appreciated his interest in our new company and that he allowed me to go on-air to talk about EAT SLEEP PLAY. So we gabbed a bit about that kind of stuff, the con in general; and then started walking the floor together, talking some more while the camera crew followed us around. I imagine some of it will make it into the show (should be airing in a few weeks). Hope so anyway, as I had a fun time doing it! So while we were walking around, I spotted this college age kid who was dressed as PUCK, the stocky-ass, Canadian super hero from the Marvel comic ALPHA FLIGHT. Didn’t get a pic, but here’s what he looks like in the comic:

So imagine a very out of shape guy, very short guy dressed in this outfit and you’ll get the idea.

So I thought it would be funny to go up to this Puck-Kid, chat with him on camera, and- to be totally honest- make fun of him a bit. Sort of like the whole Triumph the Insult Comic Dog making fun of the Star Wars geeks in that classic clip…but much less funny considering I’m really not all that clever/funny of a guy. But what the hell, right? But God, when it was over, I just felt bad. Really bad. Like, who the fuck am I to make fun of someone? Especially someone who clearly is passionate about the same things I care about? I mean, sure, I thought the guy looked pretty silly but hell, he was happy, having a good time, and seemed to know the difference between reality and fantasy. It was a really mean spirited thing to do (although I was not that bad to him) and I really wish I had not even gone up to the kid. Afterwards, Keighly and I were talking about it and Keighly set me straight: he was like, ‘ah, the guy seems happy, he’s having fun, and hey, that’s some of the kind of people who like the stuff you and I do.’ And Geoff was right, 100% right. What an ass I was. I mean, I wasn’t really that bad to him but just the idea that I felt I had the right (and the desire) to poke fun at this kid…ughh, doesn’t sit well with me. Puck-Kid, if you are reading this, I’m really sorry man.

#2- MET UWE BOWL- So Geoff was going to interview infamous film director Uwe Boll and I asked to come along. I thought it’d be neat to meet someone who has to deal with his own internet slings and arrows; see how he deals with the abuse. He turned out to be a nice, nice guy.

He is passionate about his new movie (Postal) and seems really like a decent person. I’ve never seen any of his films however so I’m not sure if he deserves the shit he takes or not. I can tell you when Geoff- on camera!- asked me if I would let Uwe direct God Of War, I told him….err, wait. Maybe that will make it onto GameHead in a few weeks. So I’ll wait till it airs before I spill the beans! But he was cool!

Oh, and check it out! He gave me some plans of the set to his new movie, FARCRY, that he’s making right now!

I taped over his email cause I know that the worst thing the net needs right now is Uwe's private email floating around! Can you imagine the hell?!?

#3- HUNG WITH COLLEGE FRIENDS- Was really nice to hang around with Jeff Goldsmith (who hosts the wonderful CREATIVE SCREENWRITING podcast for Creative Screenwriting magazine…check it out here:


So I hung with Jeff and Scott Hyman (fellow geek, USC alum, and game industry veteran). I never used to like to bum around with folks at Comic Con cause I liked to just lose myself and explore. But for some reason, I really dug hanging with my fellow geeks this time around, and checking out the sites. Here’s an interview Jeff and I did with Gametrailers at the show. They just kind of found me standing on line for pizza and started shooting. I like interviews like this- very casual, very real. Much better- to me- than the PR bullshit we hear all the time. Check it out here:


Oh and here's another one from the con with me, talking about the new company:


Man, my forehead is shiny as shit. What's up with that?!?!

#4- SPENT SOME MONEY- Bought some stuff….check it:

Here's some of what I bought. I always wanted some original comic art. This page is from JLA 112 from Ron Garney. I like it but would have loved something with Spidey but those were going for mucho bucks.

Cool DVD I got from the Stan/Joe/Kevin gabfest at UCLA a few months back. It's good...not great, but decent.

I wore out my cassette of this back in high school, writing movie scripts while I blasted this on my boom box (yeah, we called them boom boxes back then, fuck off!). It doesn't hold up all that well, kinda cheese ball. But still, it brings back memories and there are some parts that are still pretty good.

Thing is, I thought this CD was long out of print. But you can find everything on the comic con floor. In this case, some dude was selling bootlegged soundtracks. Some were soundtracks long out of print/press/circulation/whatever…some were soundtracks that were never released (WarGames?!? With dialogue from the movie?!?! What the hell!!!) But it was great to buy these and the dude was super nice cause his credit card machine was down and I had no cash (the wife had take out our limit from the ATM earlier that morning so I was kinda living off credit cards for the day). But the guy- this was so nice- just gave me the cd’s and told me to mail him a check! Amazing huh?

Oh, and check out my Spidey! Suck it, Tallirico! No way you could have this one!!!! (note: just kidding! did anyone see Tommy's amazing Peter Parker/Spidey costume?!? That was great!)

Bought this cool spidey statue for my home office. It’s fun setting up the home space, the San Diego branch of Eat Sleep Play! I love working from home and figured I needed to surround myself with lots of geeky things to keep me happy! Maybe when I get the place all decked out, I’ll shoot a video tour of my home office. Why? Who knows…it’s late…just an idea ☺

#5- LOOKED AT COOL STUFF- Saw lots of cool stuff. Like this:

Fat Ronald! See, now this is how they should fucking promote McDonalds to kids. You ask me Ronald is as bad as Joe Cool was. They really should ban that fuck. He’s bad news.

KRATOS LIVES! How cool is that, to see a character I had a huge hand in creating on someone’s tee shirt! This is actually the second time I’ve seen a GOD OF WAR tee-shirt (first was on 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica a few weeks ago). It’s really a thrill to see something you worked on out there in the world, clearly an important enough character to someone that they put on a tee-shirt with the damn dude on it!

Isn’t that nice? Not sure if you can read the text, but it’s a girly looking R2D2 like action figure (called RT-K2) that seems to have been made for a kid at the Make A Wish Foundation. Warms the heart.

Here’s ROCK N ROLL from 1985…one of the first GI JOE action figures they made (from that time period). I remember buying Rock N Roll and his cool motorbike at my local Service Merchandise in Alabama…this was like 2-3 months before the cartoon and comic hit so I just thought they were cool toys. Didn’t know they would go on to be a mini cultural phenom.

Flash and Ming Bobbleheads! The day they hit, I’m buying them. Hell, I’m even going to give the new Flash Sci-Fi series a chance! Loves me some Flash G!

The Ark! What can I say?!? I wish I could have stolen it and taken it home. And OH MY GOD! Forget Marion being in Indy 4! What about those fucking rumors on the net about what Indy is looking for this time??!? HOW FUCKING COOL WILL THAT BE IF IT TURNS OUT TO BE TRUE?!?!!!!!

TURN YOUR KEY,SIR! I'M SORRY, I AM SO SORRY.....ahem, anyway....SO, what the hell is this? A sequel to WarGames?!?! Dude, I don't care if this is some low budget Sci-Fi Channel original series or straight-to-video movie: I wanna see it! WarGames is in my top 10 movies of all time! Was there any footage of this? Any news on plot? Stars? Someone give me some info!

Look at these things! Day one purchase! So fucking cool! I gotta get Freddy, Jason, and Michael Meyers! They are scary…but cute at the same time! Who knew it was possible! Same company had some cooler, more realistic toys from the classic 70’s/80’s horror flicks- like a little play set where Jason as a boy- from F13th- was leaping up from the water, like he did at the end of the movie! Man, that scene scared me to death as a kid! Speaking of Jason, anyone see Jason X and that scene where he had the chick in the sleeping bag and picked it up with her inside and started slamming the bag against the tree?!?! OH MY GOD! That was the best kill ever!.....well, that or the hammer in the bald guy’s head in Halloween II.

Ok, it’s getting real late and I gotta get to bed. I really need to make more time to write better blog entries in the future. I used to put more time into making sure they read well, were meaty,etc…but these days I’m so busy I feel like I’d rather post more often and just more brain dump than really write a nice entry. Ah well, something for me to think about…

Goodnite ya’ll!


Friday, July 27, 2007

One Door Closes...

EDIT#1- Just to be clear, the port of TM:HEAD ON does NOT count as our first title in the Sony 3 game deal...it's a port we are doing and THEN we start full time work on game #1. But unless the powers that be shoot us down mid-pro, we know what game #1 will be, the concept art is fucking amazing, and I am crazy in love with game #1 already. Hope ya'll like it when you see it in a bit...

Edit #2- Ok, so my comic-con post is coming soon but I can't contain my excitement so:

How fucking cool is that?!?!

Ok, back to the original post:


So, as some of you may have heard, today is my last day at Sony.

After 14 years, I’m leaving the mothership that has protected me, nurtured me, sustained me, taught me, and- in the early days when I was an insecure kid who didn’t know any better-defined me.

Scott Campbell and I are starting a new games company called EAT SLEEP PLAY. We're teaming up with a host of the key folks from the Twisted Metal games (not to mention many of the other great Incognito/Singletrac games) and trying to give this indy game thing a shot! I’ve worked with these folks- on and off- for about 13 years and we figured it was high time to pull back the sheets and jump into bed together all permanent like.

We have a 3 game console/handheld exclusive deal with Sony and hope to have our first original game out sometime in 2008. In the meantime, we’ll be putting out a port of TWISTED METAL: HEAD ON this Xmas season. The port- going from PSP to PS2- is pretty cool for a port because:

- It has the original HEAD ON title but it’s now running at 60fps and has resed up textures as well as some gameplay tweaks.
- It has 5-7 levels from the never released TWISTED METAL BLACK: PART II.
- It has a documentary on the history of the series.

So for a port, we think it’s a pretty sweet package and a pretty good deal. We're also trying to get the powers that be to throw in an art book that ships with the game (nothing fancy,just something packed in with the disc).

So the new company will be based out of Utah, but I’ll remain here in San Diego, working from my home office. No real difference between the way I’ve worked with SingleTrac/Incog over the years, so we don’t expect much to change, other than the fact that all of us now own a piece of the company.

Again, we are working with Sony and that just feels great. We met with some other interested parties but at the end of the day, Sony is our home, our family, and we’re really thrilled and honored they wanted to work with us and continue the relationship we’ve spent almost 15 years cultivating. So in many ways, it’s like very little has changed, other than the pay cut ☺.

But it’s what we wanted: to go independent and see where we could steer our very own ship. Granted, our new ship is no longer the grand, unstoppable beast that is Sony. Instead, it’s a smaller vessel, scrappy even, manned with a crew of experienced sailors who felt the need to venture out into the unknown seas and and see what we could see. And the cool thing is, a small as our ship is, it’s not the least bit scary. It’s exciting as hell. It feels right; like the time is right, the crew is ready, and the grand voyage is just beginning.

As always, I hope you guys/gals will join us on our journey (ok, enough with the shitty metaphor). As soon as I can reveal more about our new titles, I will share all. Maybe in the next 8-12 months, I would imagine, but who knows.

Anyway, so there’s my big news. As I said, it’s really big news for us, we’re real excited, and we hope our new company name- Eat Sleep Play- becomes synonymous with some of the most fun games of the future.

Ok, my oldest kid is awake. Gotta get her dressed for the day, then head upstairs to report for my first official day of work ☺. Oh, and stay tuned for my ‘report’ from Comic Con. I had a BLAST yesterday. I wish I could go back today for day #2, but hell, I got games to design! ☺

Talk to ya’ll later!


Wednesday, July 25, 2007


...well big announcement for ME. It's not like I'll be revealing what game we've been working on, stuff like that. Well actually, I will be able to talk a little bit about ONE of the games for the first time...

...anyway, the points are these:

a- sorry I've been out of touch this last week; was in Bama for a great wedding and great visit with the family. I actually took some cool pics from Cracker Barrel (love the biscuits!) that I may post...not sure why....I just love eating at that place. And they don't have them out here in So Cal.

EDIT#1: Here's the pic....I ordered a side biscuit and assumed it would be a single biscuit. But damn if it wasn't a PLATE of biscuits and cornbread...mmmm....good!

b- Thursday is comiccon day 1! I will only get to go for a day this year as I am swamped but I will prob post something from there if I see cool stuff...always do. I really wanna try to make it to the Kevin Smith panel.

c- Friday-at 9am (PR wants to send the press release out before I post...so no 12:01 update)...but at 9am, I will post news of my future. Again, it's a big deal for me personally and it does deal with my work. So this week I'll be able to spill SOME of the beans...and I'll prob. spew about how I'm dealing with this very, very big change in my work life.

Hope to see ya'll soon!


ps. Just FYI, the game alot of you guys seems to think we are working on, we are not. Sorry to dissapoint :(

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Usually when stuff I say pisses off my net brothers and sisters, I usually chalk it up to:

a- I just rub certain people the wrong way. Fair enough, I know people in my life as well who- from the instant I met them- I just did not like. I can see myself generating that kind of response in some folks, especially given how outspoken and opinionated I can be and how some folks feel we should all instead just be respectful and quiet at all times. Fair enough- different strokes and all that.

b- People still want to say I am arrogant even tho I'm a very, very smart person and very intuative as well- more so than most people would ever be- and because I am so smart and bright and do alot of introspective thinking, I think it's pretty safe to say I am not arrogant. Hmmm...do I put a smiley here or just leave it as is so more folks miss the 'joke'...I think I will just leave it.

c-Sony haters. It's like sports I guess. Some hardcore Nintendo Fan Boys and Xbots hate me cause I am a Sony game maker. Fair enough I suppose, even though I have expressed my love for work both of those companies have done many, many times.

So there you go, right? Can't please the world and I am cool with that. So somewhere along the line, I gave up trying.

BUT when the Miyamoto write up hit and people started saying I was thinking I was BETTER than Miyamoto or I was DISRESPECTING the man or I felt his games post Mario64 were lame....I mean, that really, really bothered me alot because that is not what I said at all. Now sure, some would argue: well, why did you even THINK those things?!? Why did you SHARE those things?!? You are both professionals and should never talk bad about one another in public.

Well I was not talking BAD about Miyamoto or his games, I was simply waxing philisophical on the fact that these days, the man's genius- and I use that term with uttmost seriousness- is not meant for me.

This post I made the next day on NEO GAF expresses how I feel about the whole thing pretty well:


If I may, just to be clear:

1- LOVE LOVE LOVE Mario64...one of the best games ever made. And for those who are scared of the F word: FUCKING FUCKING FUCKING FINGER LICKING FUCKING LOVE that game.

2- I NEVER said the stuff Miyamoto did AFTER Mario64 was crap or bad. I just said that those products did not float my boat. I DID give him the proper respect and awe the man deserves not ONLY for his older games but made it clear that he and his POST Mario64 work were responsible for creating the amazing biz we are all a part of. There is no ounce in my body that has anything but the uttmost awe and admiration and respect for the man.

3- Does that mean I am not allowed to say that games like NINTENDOGS and Wii Sports and Brain Age are not my cup of tea? Shit yea. I respect those games and am so in awe of how amazing Miyamoto is at reading what a huge slice of the market wants. But those games are not for me and were not designed to be for me.

Please- if you don't mind too much- stop trying to turn this into a 'JAFFE DISSES MIYAMOTO' deal because there could be nothing farther from the truth. I hope to achieve 1/50th of the success that that man has gained. He is the father of the modern game industry and I was proud and honored he posed for a picture with me.



So there you go. And for those who have asked, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 2d Zelda games. I have fond memories of staying home from school senior year and finishing Zelda 2 and then right when I finished it, the mail came and there was my college acceptance letter! It was a great day! But the 3D Zelda games have never been my cup of tea...they are too overwhealming for me, too big and too easy for me to get lost and lose the pace of the game as I fall off the tracks and get lost just wandering around. But I know many LOVE those games and I respect the brilliance that went into making them. Also, for the record, I have not played MM and I heard that is the best 3d Zelda yet.

Take it easy ya'll,


Monday, July 16, 2007

I usually think writing to elected representatives is a waste of time. There is no way even a million of us will affect the folks in the Senate and House more than the massive checks from big corps. That said, short of taking up a gun and joining a revolution, what else can a constitution loving liberal like myself do in times like these? So- in the interest of not being an apathetic person- I just shot this off to Babs Boxer, a great senator from California. Sure it won't do a hill of beans, but at least I tried. Thought I'd share:


I would like to know your views on impeachment hearings for Dick Cheney and George W. Bush.

I think it is time for our elected representatives to get to the bottom of what many of us feel are the current administration's lies to the people and disrespect for our constitution. If the hearings do not bear this out, then so be it. Good for us as a nation.

If the hearings do prove what many of us feel- that it is time for the corrupt administration in the White House to go- then good for us as a nation. It will mean our elected officials have put the fear of not being elected again aside and protected our constitution with the same bravery and courage shown by our troops who are dying daily in Iraq.

Please search your heart and look into this matter. Like any job that you love, it must be scary to risk losing it. I can appreciate this. But please do not let your love for your job come before the love for your country.

Thanks for all you've done for our state,

David Jaffe


NOW we'll start seeing some fucking changers around here!!!




Friday, July 13, 2007


But God I'm getting fat again! Amazing, 10 pounds in like 2 months...stress and me dude, they just don't mix.

E3 was so lame this year. It was cool to walk around some of the company hotel suites and actually be able to get on AAA games with NO ONE waiting to play. But it sucked to not get into the hanger (no badge). But I hear the hanger was lame. And it was kind of cool to watch the conferences on G4. That was great but man, you'd think two things:

a- they could have worked with the folks holding the keynotes to space commercial breaks. So lame they had to cut away during key stuff.

b- Uhm, whoever is directing the damn shows, could you FUCKING PUSH IN TO THE FUCKING GAME FOOTAGE and not sit on a MOTHER FUCKING SHOT of the stage and 4 video screens and be so FUCKING PULLED BACK you can't see the motherfucking footage?!?! I mean, were you taking a shit and just left the fucking shot on a single camera with no direction to the fucking cameraman? Yeah man, that pissed me off so much.

But as for the rest of it, it was really cool. I dug the 'on the floor' stuff from the G4 gang as well. It was a much, much better E3 broadcast this year. Great job, G4!

And hey- I bumped into Miyamoto, so that's cool. Not that I introduced myself or anything. He was rushing to his car and what am I gonna say to the man?!? I mean, hell, I really don't know what I should have said.

Maybe I should have gone: 'You have made some of the best games- hell, the best pieces of entertainment EVER but since MARIO 64, I have not loved anything you have done? I have respected all you have brought to the industry and world, especially in the last POST-Mario 64 years but for me personally, none of it floated my boat? But still dude, thanks so so so much for pretty much creating the modern incarnaton of this industry?"

And then he would have just looked at me and said: 'You are fat. Use Wii Fit for 2 months and call me back. Bye fatso'

Who knows.

Still, it was cool to see/semi-meet him and get a pic. Now I got pics with Miyamoto, Kojima, Stan Lee, and Steven Spielberg. Oh, and the guy who played Carmine from Laverne and Shirley (I got that one when I was like 4 years old).

Ok, tired from driving to and from LA in one day, so going to bed. See ya'll soon.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007


So I just found out that the new E3 badges have pictures of the attendees on them. Which means my original plan to use my boss' badge to get into the main show area of E3 is shot to hell. And no, I did NOT get an invite, thanks for asking. After hitting all of the E3's in the past, I guess I will be sitting this one out. Since I am not showing any games this year, I won't be on the show floor to do the dog and pony stuff so Sony could not get me a badge.

Fuck man, now I gotta go to LA anyway for E3 meetings and Sony stuff, but I can't get into the main event.

Sucks to be me.

Ah well, looks like I'll be hitting refresh like the rest of ya'll to see the big news. Well fuck them, I didn't want to go to their stupid ass show anyway :)

Actually, I kinda did.



ps. Now I know how Jason Rubin felt when he could not get into the Sony party but Tara Reid did. Well I mean now I know how Rubin feels if you take away the millions of dollars, super fast sports cars, and model good looks. But besides those things, I feel just like him!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


To all of us American's out there: Happy 4th!

To those serving in the armed forces, I may despise your commander in chief with every fiber I got, but I respect and am in awe of you guys. Thank you very much for your service.

And to those fuckers who live in a state where they can still go and buy this kind of stuff...

...let me just say that I am CRAZY ASS JEALOUS of you right now! 'Personal' fireworks are illegal in California and oh man I so want to share the joy of bottle rockets and roman candles (hell, even sparklers!) with my kids! But no! Here's all we are allowed to have:

Well whopdie-fuckin-mother-fuckin-do: stupid ass party poppers! Fuckin-wee.

Ah well, hard to complain considering we live in a country that- in less that 2 years- will be released from the oppresion of King George II. Then we can start- I hope- turning America BACK into a beacon of hope for many other countries around the world. Republican, Democrat, or otherwise, whoever gets in in 08 has GOT to be better than this guy...right? I mean, NO jail time for Libby?!?! Come the fuck on! What's it take to run this guy out of town already?!?! Sheesh!

But seriously ya'll: whatever your political views, have a safe and fun holiday! I'm sure we all deserve it! See ya'll after the break!

Monday, July 02, 2007


Just got back from a screening of TRANSFORMERS. As you can see in the above pic, lines were around the movie theater and not just for one show, but it seemed like ALL shows were this nuts.

For those looking forward to it, most in the audience seemed to dig it, good 50-75% of them applauded at the end, so that's a good sign.

Me, I fucking hated it. HATED it. Worst film of the year and maybe in the last 5 years, Just dreck and if I as not with a group, I would have walked out. But again, for you Transformer fans, most of the group I was with seemed to dig it. So there you go.

And I'm no movie snob; I like Michael Bay. Thought Armmegeddon was a blast (I even cried a bit which watching it) and really enjoyed THE ISLAND. I went in wanting a good, fun popcorn flick. What I got was an overproduced kids movie that- if I was under the age of 11- would go down as the greatest film ever made. It really was like a 10 year old's imagination splattered all over the screen.

And that's great here, great there. But for a 2+ hour movie? Ugh, it was so hard to sit thru. So dull. And the fights for the most part were ultra confusing, could not tell who was doing what to whom. Just noise.

Anyway, I seem to be ine minority and that's good. As I said, I like Bay and LOVE good action summer movies. So at least it seems others are getting thier fix with this one.

As for me, I was always more of a GI-JOE fan myself, so no harm done.



Hey Mortimer (tmalliance)? If you come back please comment me with your email. I would like to ask you a question. Thanks!

Hey! We are going to be shooting a documentary/round table discussion on the Twisted Metal series. The piece will be used for something I can't talk about right now (sorry about that!) but for those out there who consider themselves fans of the series, I was hoping you could do us a favor:

We are trying to make a list of the issues/questions we want to address in the doc and we want to make sure we hit the things Twisted Metal fans want to know about. So:

If you have any questions that you would like us to answer/address in the doc, please send them to the comments section in this blog. These can be questions about the series overall, or about a specific title in the series. And the questions can be as specific or macro as you'd like them to be. If we use your question, let us know if we can mention your name or handle in the doc; if you don't want us to, let us know in the comment.

Not sure how many Twisted fans are reading this blog but if you are out there, let me know if you can help us out!

Thanks in advance!


Sunday, July 01, 2007


I know it's somewhat cool to hate LA, but man I just love it there. I moved to San Diego last year so I could raise my kids in a place that was more family friendly. And I love it down here too; it's great and all. I mean, I got more house than I could ever afford in Los Angeles; my kids have great schools to go to; we are closer to grand parents; kids actually have a backyard with a pool (tiny as it is); and on and on and on. For bringing up a family, you just can't beat it. And sure as shit, the weather actually seems BETTER here in San Diego, if that's possible! Maybe's it's just the lack of smog.

...but even with all that, everytime I head back to LA for work, I get to missing it very badly. Every time I watch Entourage or hear Seager singing Hollywood Nights, I miss the place so much. Especially the Westside of Los Angeles. It really is an amazing town. Amazing because so much of the cluture and business on the westside is driven by the movie, music, and to an extent these days, new media (including games) businesses. So as you walk around, go to lunch, go shopping, you are always bumping into folks who work in entertainment...and there's an energy about them that is tangible, an energy I love because it's alive and powerful and creative and just so much fun to be around. I guess it speaks to my soul. So you know, it's nice to be around that.

I can't imagine I'll be back there for a long time as a perm. resident; maybe once my kids go to college or something. So for now, it's a two hour drive north 1-3 times/month to get my fix. And hell, I don't mind too much as if I was there much longer, I'd start to remember all the things I did hate about the place (bad earthquakes; the worst traffic you can imagine; paying to park at malls and movie theaters;etc).

I was just back there for work a few days ago...hope to share with you guys/gals the specifics of why I was there pretty soon, but not just yet....but yeah, I was up there and it was so sweet....so damn sweet to be back....home? Yeah, fuck it. Even living down in San Diego, LA is- to my soul- still home. I lived there for almost 18 years; I really grew up and discovered myself there; met my wife and had my kids there; found my career there. It's home. The west side of Los Angeles (Santa Monica, Bev. Hills, Century City, Malibu); it's a fantastic place.

Ok, well don't get all mushy on me; so long princess.

Oh, and here's pics from my trip:

Puzzle Zoo on the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica- right by the beach! Overpriced as hell but man, they have just about every toy or game you can imagine. It's the best toy store I've ever been in and I love browsing this place; you can get lost for hours in there, looking at the old Star Wars figures, the obscure toys that you would never see anywhere else or can't buy anymore (I saw old mego action figures for sale, from the 70's this visit!)

Here's the giant Batman made of LEGO they have in the store window. They change the store display every few months and put the coolest geek stuff in there.

At the back of the store they have display cases of sci-fi/comic/fantasy models that they've commisioned artists to put together. Here's a sweet ass GHOST RIDER model and a Spiderman 3D cover from Amazing Fantasy #15...

Best Indian food I've ever eaten. I sometimes drive to LA JUST to pick this up and then turn around and head right back to San Diego so me and my wife can have Dom Alloo and Cheese Nan. It's across from King's Head Pub on 2nd street in Santa Monica. If you like Indian and are in town, you owe it to yourself to check it out. In the interest of full disclosure tho, I went there with some of the Incognito guys once and they all got the shits. But that's never happened to me, so maybe the Utah boys just can't handle real Indian :)

As amazing as GATE OF INDIA is, they have the most fucked up, random drinking glasses I've ever seen. Nothing matches and each one has images that a) have NOTHING to do with the rest of the Indian theme that decks out the place and b) they are just fucked up odd. I mean, here's a glass I got my Diet Coke in that has a picture of the fucking Yeti on it. I mean, the fucking YETI?!?! My wife's glass had an image of a cartoon cat looking in a fish bowl as the terrified fish looked on, anticipating its death. I mean, WTF?!?!

How else do you expect us to celebrate signing a big, important, life changing contract?!?

Ok, gotta go...been puting off doing my checking and reconcilliation for like 2 months....need to get on that now...yuch! ...ok, Chat with ya'll later!