Friday, April 13, 2007

That's it...I'm calling this bitch!

Calling All Cars is done.

Incognito sent the code off to first party QA a few hours ago for weekend test. If they find no serious bugs, it goes to Format and will be up on the network soon!

If there are bugs, the Incog guys will tackle them over the weekend.

But 99.9% sure, those bugs will not be design related. This late in the game, they never really are.

Because of that, I think it's safe to say that the designers on the game- and probably the rest of the team- are done with this thing!

What was that? Like 11 months total? Ahh....and it's still light outside!

And it's my fucking birthday today to boot! Nice ass present, if I do say so myself! Thanks Incognito!

So to all the CALLING ALL CARS folks who worked on the game and who are reading this, congrats to us all! It was a blast to work on with you guys.

Now we just gotta see if players enjoy playing it at all! Focus tests have been going real well last week and EGM gave us a nice blurb/review in the latest issue, putting us in the 'buy' category for Download games (not sure where they were able to review it as I was not aware we've sent anyone code yet, but hey, we'll take all the good press we can!!!)....maybe they were basing it off playtime at GDC?!? Hope so as the game has gotten better since then! :)

But I feel we've made a game we can all be proud of and I really, really hope players give it a shot and enjoy themselves with it!

I am sure you guys will let us know either way!


ps. just to be clear, the game is done for the MOST part. It's not 'gold' yet (not that there are gold masters with DL games) cause it needs to clear all the proper channels. I will let ya'll know when we've cleared those last vew hurdles!

pps. Virtual cake for us all...birthday cake AND 'Celebration for finishing the game' cake!

Man, the graphics in the actual PAC MAN game for the 2600 were WAY WORSE than this fucking cake decoration!!! Amazing!!!