Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Hey ya'll- just an fyi: I turned on comment moderation on posts older than 2 weeks. This should help a bit with the recent spam explosion in the comments section.

If ya'll have any other ideas on how to combat Spam on Blogger (other than having to go thru every comment before it hits, which I won't do), let me know.

Also- as a special treat for coming to visit me today, check this out:

So we thought my oldest kid had pinworms. Lots of little kids get them, I had them as a kid. They go away with a tablet and washing all the sheets in super hot water. Not a big deal.

But so how did I know she had pinworms? She said her butt itched. As I recall that's a pretty good sign that some animals have made themselves a home inside your body. But I didn't know for sure so I hit the internet to see what was up. One of my first stops? Youtube. And when I typed in PINWORMS one of the first things to come up was this hellish video.

I shit you not, this is scarrier and more distrubing than any horror movie I've ever seen. I LOVE it!!! :)

Now let's be clear: my kid didn't have THAT! That's not a pinworm. A pinworm is a microscopic or almost microscopic little strand that looks like a tiny piece of string when viewed under a scope. THIS? This is a motherfucking anaconda that has clearly crawled up someone's ass and made a nest. HOLY FUCK!

Ok, that's it. Had a great design meeting with Scott and Kellan this morning. Now I'm off to Sony to review edits for the end movies and look at how the post processing of the shots is coming along (i.e. adding in the cool CG visuals instead of the green screen background). Talk soon!