Friday, April 30, 2010


Slammed with work and stomach flu. Wanted to share pics of some of my newest office mates real quick tho :)
Got my Doctor Who Tardis in the mail the other day! :) And that's my BEFORE YOU QUIT YOUR JOB book on the right, by the way. Read that to assuage my fears before I left Sony (after a 13+ year run). Didn't help. Was still scared shitless. :)

Damn thing even opens up, lights up, makes cool sounds,etc.  Used to think Doc Who was so stupid (a dude flies around in a Police Public Call Box?!? What?!?!) I can't get enough of it. Downloaded the soundtrack to work to a few days back as well :)

LOVE Darksiders! Love the character of War! Love the whole world and art style of the game! Thanks to lead designer Haydn Dalton and comic book super star (and Darksiders Creative Director) Joe Madureira for the super neat signed Darksiders schwag!

Ok, gonna work till I pass out or vomit. Lots of work over the weekend so I hope I sleep this damn bug off. Later ya'll! Have a great weekend! Part of me wants to see the new NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET (I LOVE Freddy and that series in general) but I hear it sucks. :( But hell, it's a horror movie. What, I expect Oscar nominations? Freddy is like pizza anyway. ANY Freddy is good Freddy...altho I do not dig this new dude playing him...but I'll give him a chance. He rocked in Little Children.