Friday, January 23, 2009


So some thoughts on this:

#1- Ok, the animation is way too cartoony for my tastes...if the visual style matched the cartoony CLONE WARS style, it would make great sense. But the art direction looks realistic while Indy animates all cartoony. Interesting choice, but based ONLY off my viewing this trailer a few times, I wish they would have committed to one direction or the other.

#2- Don't really care about it being canned for PS3 or 360. I have a Wii and I like my Wii and hey, if you are doing whipping action, better to use the Wi-mote, you know?

#3- The Indy franchise seems a bit slippery to get a strong handle on, you know? I mean, little kids of today are not Indy nuts (as the poor toy sales from Crystal Skull proves) so is Wii the best place for this game? I mean, dads and moms have the Wii too so maybe it's a smart choice; make something that connects with the moms and dads in the Wii crowd, something that connects with their generation. And the thing is, Indy- as a brand itself- has never been as popular as the kind of stuff that connects head on with the 360 and PS3 core perhaps it's a pretty wise move.

Either way- I AM SO STOKED! I LOVE Indy and will play ANY Indy game there is. I played Emperor's Tomb on my XBOX and while it was very rough around the edges, I still really dug it. So yeah, I'm really jazzed about this.

Love the way the trailer is put together with the whole transition gimmick. Love the variety of locations as well.

Totally jazzed. Be there on day 1. Thanks Lucasarts for keeping my boyhood hero alive and kicking!