Friday, July 13, 2012

Coolest Thing At Comic Con far!

Saw this walking to my cab late last nite:
'Big deal', I hear you say. 'It's just a white van...'

Well that's what I thought too...but then I saw all these people crowded around it and I had to see what was up. So I did...and check this shit OUT! 

Van has movies playing on the windows to make it look like zombies are inside-banging on the glass-trying to get out! I imagine it's mostly for Halloween to put on your windows at home (and yes, I'm going to look into getting it this year!)...but man, it really looks super creepy on a van. There's no way they could get a permit to drive this thing around with these movies turned out. It would create a ton of distracted drivers.

And check out the back windows! I'll take a video if I see it again tonite, but as you can tell from just these 3 frames, these are not stills, but an actual movie.

Ok back to the con! Will post lots of pics soon! So far, a total, total blast! Loving it! Hope to see you there!