Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Step right up and win some crap...

EDIT #3:

Well that was fun ya'll. Man, I got real sloppy towards the end...rope a dope I guess! :)

So the winners are:


Some really great games in there! Thank ya'll so much!

I will contact the three winners on PSN mail tomorrow and get the info we need to send out the prizes!

Happy Holidays ya'll! And thanks again for playing tonite!


ps. sorry for those who wanted to get in but did not...I wish there was a better way to gurantee that everyone got to play a round...next time!

EDIT #2:


name: eatsleepplay
pw: beckinsale

my mic is not charged :( So no voice for me!

Hope to see ya'll online!


EDIT: Yeah, that is late...let's change it: It'll be 8:45 San Diego time...8:40 for the room and password post info


...actually, not crap at all! It's our first ever EAT SLEEP PLAY holiday swag! Check it out!

It's a box full of...well, hell, I ain't saying...but it's good! Really good! And it's our holiday gift to many folks in the biz this year. And it's also our holiday gift to you, loyal supporters of this new endeavor we like to call EAT SLEEP PLAY!

Well, I meant to say: it's your holiday gift if you can kick my ass at Calling all Cars tonite!

Is it lame I'm so jazzed about doing this? Probably. Who cares! Here's the deal:

I will be online tonite at 10pm San Diego Time (that's Pacific, to all you 'No Child Left Behind' folks). I will create a room in the Chief lobby and password it. The name of the game and the password for it will go up at 9:50 or so on this very blog. If for some reason, blogger is down, I will post the info on neogaf.com forums.

If you are one of the first 3 people to beat me in a game of Calling All Cars, we'll ship you out one of these babies: Eat Sleep Play's VERY FIRST- in what we know will be a long line of- Hoiday Goodies!

So I hope to see you online tonite and I hope at least SOMEONE can kick my ass!

Oh, but first, a few rules:

1. This contest is not a Sony contest AT ALL! They have nothing to do with it.

2. Winners and losers and all the details of who wins is totally up to us at Eat Sleep Play. So even if you THOUGHT you won, and we say you didn't, too bad. Not that we would ever do that, but we have to say it so we're all clear.

3. All games will be async start, so you can drop in at ANY time to play...but if you want to win, I suggest coming in at the start of a game (joining with us as we all leave the lobby) so you have more time to rack up points.

4. If I come in 4th in a game of 4, then all of those folks in the game 'beat me' and they all win...unless we've already given away 1-2 boxes. In that case, the person(s) with the highest points, take the prize.

5. Finally- and this is key- IF you play a game, you must quit out of the game room when the game is over...wait about 2 minutes and then rejoin. You can play as many times as you want but you need to drop out of the game room to make sure others have a turn. If you play two games in a row and I catch you doing it, you're out of the running.

6.If for some reason, stuff gets confusing, check my blog. I will have my laptop next to me as I play and will update as needed.

7. Finally- if you are under 18 and you win, we will not send you anything unless your parent(s) call us and say it's all cool.

8. Oh, and also: if you win, shoot me a friend invite on PSN network with your shipping info (and your age!) and we'll get your prize out this week (assuming if you are under 18, your parents have contacted us)

9. If it gets too late and no one has won and my wife is like: COME TO BED! or if my kids wake up and start crying and I gotta take care of them,etc...I will post this info and what the next steps are on my blog (i.e. 15 minutes break, end of the contest,winners list,etc)....

I'm really hoping I get to play and meet you guys tonite! Hell, it may just be like 3 of us the whole night anyway given the number of folks who play online :) But still...I will try to hook up my headset (never done it at home before) so we can chat live. Looking forward to meeting some of you readers for the first time!

And many thanks go out to my partner in crime Scott Campbell and our producer/office head/not-really-sure-of-her-title-but-we'd-all-be-dead-without-her Angelic Quntana of Eat Sleep Play for getting these great gifts and helping me out with this here contest.

See you guys tonite!