Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Seen this yet?

A buddy sent me this via email, but I dunno who to attribute the work to. But whoever did it, they sure ain't wrong!

Now look, I've seen Crystal Skull five times. Yes, FIVE freaking times. And I NEVER see movies more than once...MAYBE twice if I catch it showing on cable after it's left the theater. But I ain't seen a flick 5 times since I was a kid. And to choose THIS to be the movie that gets my repeat viewing dollars?!?! I mean, come on, Crystal Skull is a pretty terrible movie, no doubt. With the exception of a great scene here, a poignant scene there, it's vacillates between average and simply terrible. I know this; fully aware.

But I've seen it 5 times- and plan on buying the DVD this Oct- because I love Indy and I love being part of his world. I love seeing him again, being in that high adventure landscape of temples and traps and jungles and treasure that captured my imagination when I was 10, and has yet to let go.

But my God, what a shame. What a total shame.

Here's hoping The Mummy brings us Indy fans some love this Friday!