Sunday, March 21, 2010

Still Alive, Still Bloggin'

As regular readers know, I hate blogs that don't get updated.

But work has been super, super busy this last week and so I've just had no time. Sorry bout that ya'll. 

It's 2:30am Sunday morning as I write this (got woken up) and figured I'd say hey before I drop back to sleep.

Here are some quick hits:

- Tried to watch NINJA ASSASSIN tonite. Opening was campy, bloody of the movie was kind of boring to me. Saw a panel with J. Michael Strazensky (sp?) at Comic Con last year and I THINK this was the movie/script he said he banged out in 48 hours. It shows :(...I wanted to dig it in a B movie kind of way but just could not get into it. Very dull. Way too much of an origin story (tons of flashbacks) for a character we don't know or care about or think is interesting. 

- Speaking of bad movies, walked out of GREEN ZONE with Matt Damon. Hurt Locker, Rendition, Three Kings, The Kingdom, and about 3-5 more Iraq war movies were better and this one brought nothing new to the party. And so many of the Iraq War Movie Cliches were on display here that after about 45 minutes I had seen enough. People don't get how I walk out of bad/boring movies. I don't get how more people don't. Isn't your time more valuable to you? I know mine is to me.

- Bought some toy eggs at the grocery store yesterday while picking up breakfast fixins for the kids. You put these in water and after about 8 hours, they hatch on their own and little toy dinos come out. Then if you keep the dinos in the water, the dinos get like 500% bigger! I lied to my kids and told them I found the eggs outside and they were bird eggs and we had to clean them in the sink so the mama bird would be willing to take the eggs back to her nest (kid logic=easy and fun!). Toys are so cool these days!

-Got my Comic Con hotel reservation! Sweet! Still not the hotel I wanted to stay in but hell, it's Comic Con! Hard to complain! Plus it's only 6 blocks from the show so much geeking out will be done during the day and lots of trolling the Gas Lamp district and drinking will be done at night. And I'll never need my car...just footing it everywhere!  Man, for a geek like me, Comic Con is such a fun show! 

- Ipad only about 5 week away! Yes, getting the 3G/WiFi Combo! 

- Can't wait to see the God of War 3 sales figures for the week. Did they do a million in the first 7 days?? I Hope so! That would make it the biggest GOW launch week by a looooong shot!  

- Speaking of God Of War 3, been seeing some very cool Kratos/GOW 3 billboards all over Los Angeles via pictures posted by the team (Facebook). I think that is so damn cool! 

-I went to a school fundraising party/function/event for families Friday night at my daughter's grammar school and almost tripped over a kid's backpack. Next to the backpack? A God of War Slurpee cup! :) I was both excited and kind of appalled (this is grammar school... I sure hope 1-4th graders do not play God of War games).

Ok need to crash/go back to bed. Hope you are all doing well. Talk more next week, promise :)