Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Oh Come The Hell On!

Regular readers of the blog know of my extreme love for the Disneyland resort. I take my kids all the time and just think the world of the whole place (Magic Kingdom, California Adventure ((now that it's losing it's initial So Cal theme and getting more traditional Disney Magic attractions)), even Downtown Disney has its charms).

We usually go and stay in one of the surrounding hotels (I dig CANDY CANE INN, if you must know). Rates are good, you are 1-2 blocks from the park, and I just love staying in hotels with the kids. Even tho we live only 50 min. away, I have such fond memories of staying in motels while on vacation as a kid that I want my kids to have those great memories too (room service, watching cartoons while lying on the bed, playing in the pool with my mom and dad, going to the lobby and stocking up on pamphlets and brochures for other local attractions, etc).

I really want to stay in one of the official Disney hotels very soon before my daughters get too old to care. I think they will always dig theme parks (what's not to love?) but they are still young enough that they really buy into a great deal of the Disney magic (they get excited to see the characters, love to hear dad prattle on about Walt Disney and the many talented peeps he worked with, love the parades and new rides,etc).  I did take them to see Captain EO a few weeks ago and they thought that was pretty lame (and I have to agree, even tho I do consider myself an MJ fan...I don't recall ever really caring for it all that much and it sure as heck didn't age well...).

But anyway, so yeah, I want to take them to stay in the Grand Californian or at least the classic Disneyland Hotel in the next 1-2 months. It's pricy but hey, you only live once and they'll make some great memories. Also, going to the parks in April/May- right before school lets out- is fantastic cause there are days you can hit it just right and the place is a ghost town. NO LINES and you just walk right on to SPACE MOUNTAIN and INDY and SOARIN' OVER CALIFORNIA (and all the other big, usually packed rides) with waiting times of no more than 0-3 minutes. For a theme park nut, it's a damn treasure to get a day like that.

ANYWAY- the whole point of this post is this: STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM DISNEYLAND THIS MONTH!!!! LOOK AT THIS!!!!

Oh my God I would want to shoot myself. Bad enough to be an adult trying to traipse thru this hell. But trying to navigate these crowds while also keeping watch over crazy excited 6 and 4 year olds? No thanks, man.

That said, check out this pic:

Only thing better than SEGA Arcade game blue skies are real life, theme park blue skies! Man, spring is So Cal is just an amazing time!

Ok ya'll just wanted to share those crazy ass crowd pics. Eager for April when spring break dies down and us locales can get our parks back :)...altho that said, how cool for all those people who never get to go and are there now, digging what I get to enjoy at least once a month!

Later ya'll!


ps. by the way, these pics are from the fantastic Disney Parks fan site MICEAGE. If you are a Disney geek like I am, you owe it to yourself to spend some time at that site. TONS of great fans of the theme parks over there, lots of good forum discussion about everything from ride design to nostalgic trips from childhood and everything in between. Every week they also do a good number of meaty photo updates from the parks which allow you to track the major construction going on (and there is TONS of it happening in California Adventure) as well as just get your Disney theme park fix when you are not able to hit the parks in person. Check it out!