Tuesday, August 03, 2010

EXTENDED interview from Comic Con with Geoff Keighly

Here is the full on extended cut of my interview with Geoff Keighly of Gametrailers TV. I talk about Twisted, my original not used ending for GOD OF WAR 3, and other stuff. This was fun to do. I thought when it was over I had given Geoff a shit interview (which I hate doing) but people seem to dig this one. So here ya go!

More Proof That I Have No Artistic Bones In My Body

Pancakes for my kids- and me!- this past Saturday morning. My oldest asked for a Pegasus/Unicorn. The unholy terror on the right is the result. I dig the horn on the head- upper left circle that looks like broccoli- cause it looks more like a growth of some sort than a fucking unicorn horn.

I made my youngest a snowman and that came out a bit better!

And for me...a circle. I can do circles :) But hell, even that has this odd, weird little globule thingy coming off the top. What the hell, man?

Ok- back to work- crazy week! Hope all is well for ya!