Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Oh HELL Motherfuckin' YES!

Day ONE! Bitches! DAY ONE! 

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Go Wil Wheaton!

Off to LA for a few days of Sony meetings.  Not sure if I'll get to post till I get back.

So hey, meanwhile, watch this if you have not. It's a bit forced, a bit over earnest BUT it's still really, really good. It's Wil Wheaton's keynote kicking off this weekend's PAX EAST. Wish I coulda been there, hope to get to Seattle PAX in the next few months.

Ok, lots of prep work to do before tomorrow am. Gotta run! Take it easy ya'll! Later!


Friday, March 26, 2010

Make Over

This just ran on the fantastic Hero Complex blog. Hero Complex is blog from the LA TIMES that covers all things geek and it's a great, great read.

Anyway- the piece is about the writer of the original Karate Kid movie saying he doesn't get why anyone would remake the movie and thinks many fans of the original are pissed about the remake/not interested in the remake.

You know, I just don't get this mentality. I'm all for remakes. They make total sense to me.

And look: I LOVE original movies. And I can see how there is some frustration on the part of movie lovers if they think the remakes keep the studios from making the new stuff. But that's not a great argument cause the vast majority of what the movie studios pump out IS new content.

And I loved the first Karate Kid, but hell, this new one looks pretty good too. How much of that is cause it uses the kick ass song from Fort Minor? Hard to say. BUT it still looks like a it could be a good flick. I know I'll see it. I know my kids watched the trailer and my 6 year old wants to see it too.

And why NOT remake stuff for a new generation? Times change, tastes change, but good storytelling never dies. So why not redress it so it can appeal to the new generation? Sure they COULD watch the classic, but how effective will that be for MOST younger people? It's kind of hard to get fully caught up in the drama of Daniel VS. the Cobra Kai when you are giggling at Elizabeth Shu's big ass hair, snickering at the lame soundtrack ('You're the best around! Nothin's ever gonna keep you down!'), or wondering what kind of a mother would let her young son spend so much time with a very old, very single man who works in the maintenance shed (in 1984, for some reason, this just didn't seem like an issue).

I think most movies have a shelf life of 10-30 years and then you tend to respond to an old flick in one of the following ways:

a- you're nostalgic for it cause you grew up with it
b- you appreciate aspects of it (story, acting, theme) BUT you can't really get fully immersed because the techniques and cultural touchstones present in the movie are no longer relevant.
c- watching the older movie allows you to romanticize a time you never grew up in (i.e. watching an old horror movie or a classic from the 30's and 40's).

I mean, as much as I love IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE and CASABLANCA (and even E.T. and RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK), I watch those flicks with my 'this is an old movie' filter turned on. Watching them any other way and it's clear- distractingly so- how creaky and boring and dated sections of those old movies are. And not because they are bad movies. Far from it. They are some of the best movies EVER made. But those old movies are hard to watch in sections because times AND technique have changed SO MUCH that our brains-constantly exposed different,fresher types of visual storytelling- just don't want to go backwards.

And I am not knocking old flicks. To be crystal clear: I LOVE old movies. But I also support remakes of old movies (and old video games too where applicable). On a remake you will probably never capture the same lighting in the bottle as the original, but most of the younger generation isn't going to watch the original anyway. So redressing a classic (if done well) allows a whole new generation to fall in love with the essence that lies at the core of those old flicks (again, assuming the remake is made with an understanding of what made the original so special).

And to answer a question that I imagine someone may be thinking: yes, I'd LOVE to see a remake of a game I've worked on in a few years. Take God of War I. Do it with better graphics, add new puzzles and characters, twist the story a bit, fix the stuff that sucked, redesign Kratos (bad ass in 2035 is gonna look a lot different than bad ass in 2005). I got NO issues with this and think it would be very cool. Ideally they would retain the core of the game (violent action with a strong central character and a blend of accessible combat mixed with some puzzles and platforming all set against the backdrop of the ancient Greek myths). As long as they didn't walk away from that core, I'd have 100% no issues.

Same reason I'd love to see a RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK remake with a new, younger Indy and a more modern director (much as I LOVE Spielberg).

But I know full well there are MANY movie lovers out there who would disagree with me. Ah well, can't please everyone :)

Ok, later- great weekend ya'll!


ps. I don't see a lot of theater so I don't know how this argument applies to remakes of plays and musicals. I do know musicals went thru a phase of getting grander and more expensive (Lion King, Phantom of the Opera, etc). And I do know that many musicals DO get reimagined as the years go by (Sweeny Todd, Annie,etc). And I do know that some old plays (Ibsen, Shakespeare) for ME feel like taking medicine (I appreciate what it does for me, but I still don't like it...not one bit). So in their own, medium specific way, my gut tells me my thoughts on remakes for movies and games also applies to theater/musicals.

Books as well...but books do seem to have a longer shelf life. Probably because:
a- A book occurs in your brain and so you bring your own sensibility ((which naturally you like/enjoy)) to a book. You add your own music, sounds, smells, pace, hair styles, clothing choices. Not always (sometimes an author will do this for you) but your brain- on a subconscious level- fills in a lot of blanks, plugging the wholes with your own made up stuff that resonates with you. Because of this, there is more protection against the culture and trends of the times whittling away at a book's power.
b- In a book, the out of date stuff is not always pushed in your face. For example: if The Karate Kid were a novel, I may read a description about Elizabeth Shu's character's big, 80's style hair but I probably would not have that on my brain every time her character appears in the story (cause the prose would probably not mention it every time she does something). Not the case with a movie. In a movie, you can't escape it.
c- Because books tend to do a much better job than movies at expressing the internal desires and wants and needs of the characters, that aspect tends to wind up being the essence of a book. Thus the surrounding trappings (which can clash badly with modern times if the book is old) are not as relevant because so many internal wants and desires- brought to the fore in a book- resonate strongly across millennia (love, longing, hope, ambition,etc).

 Even still, I think there is a shelf life for books as well mainly because of the language and shift in narrative techniques. Because of that, for me, trying to read a book written before 1850 or so and it feels like something I'm doing to better myself, not something I actually enjoy.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


LOVED the first IRON MAN. Fully expect to love IRON MAN 2 even more.  Favreau clearly has a strong sense of American movies and must have studied those rare sequels that are better than the original (Spidey 2, Empire Strikes Back, Godfather II,etc). So I expect this new one to eclipse the first. 

My #1 flick to see this summer! Altho off the top of my head, I can't recall what else is hitting this summer. But you know me, if it's a summer flick, I'll be seeing it! Can't wait! 


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Oh Come The Hell On!

Regular readers of the blog know of my extreme love for the Disneyland resort. I take my kids all the time and just think the world of the whole place (Magic Kingdom, California Adventure ((now that it's losing it's initial So Cal theme and getting more traditional Disney Magic attractions)), even Downtown Disney has its charms).

We usually go and stay in one of the surrounding hotels (I dig CANDY CANE INN, if you must know). Rates are good, you are 1-2 blocks from the park, and I just love staying in hotels with the kids. Even tho we live only 50 min. away, I have such fond memories of staying in motels while on vacation as a kid that I want my kids to have those great memories too (room service, watching cartoons while lying on the bed, playing in the pool with my mom and dad, going to the lobby and stocking up on pamphlets and brochures for other local attractions, etc).

I really want to stay in one of the official Disney hotels very soon before my daughters get too old to care. I think they will always dig theme parks (what's not to love?) but they are still young enough that they really buy into a great deal of the Disney magic (they get excited to see the characters, love to hear dad prattle on about Walt Disney and the many talented peeps he worked with, love the parades and new rides,etc).  I did take them to see Captain EO a few weeks ago and they thought that was pretty lame (and I have to agree, even tho I do consider myself an MJ fan...I don't recall ever really caring for it all that much and it sure as heck didn't age well...).

But anyway, so yeah, I want to take them to stay in the Grand Californian or at least the classic Disneyland Hotel in the next 1-2 months. It's pricy but hey, you only live once and they'll make some great memories. Also, going to the parks in April/May- right before school lets out- is fantastic cause there are days you can hit it just right and the place is a ghost town. NO LINES and you just walk right on to SPACE MOUNTAIN and INDY and SOARIN' OVER CALIFORNIA (and all the other big, usually packed rides) with waiting times of no more than 0-3 minutes. For a theme park nut, it's a damn treasure to get a day like that.

ANYWAY- the whole point of this post is this: STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM DISNEYLAND THIS MONTH!!!! LOOK AT THIS!!!!

Oh my God I would want to shoot myself. Bad enough to be an adult trying to traipse thru this hell. But trying to navigate these crowds while also keeping watch over crazy excited 6 and 4 year olds? No thanks, man.

That said, check out this pic:

Only thing better than SEGA Arcade game blue skies are real life, theme park blue skies! Man, spring is So Cal is just an amazing time!

Ok ya'll just wanted to share those crazy ass crowd pics. Eager for April when spring break dies down and us locales can get our parks back :)...altho that said, how cool for all those people who never get to go and are there now, digging what I get to enjoy at least once a month!

Later ya'll!


ps. by the way, these pics are from the fantastic Disney Parks fan site MICEAGE. If you are a Disney geek like I am, you owe it to yourself to spend some time at that site. TONS of great fans of the theme parks over there, lots of good forum discussion about everything from ride design to nostalgic trips from childhood and everything in between. Every week they also do a good number of meaty photo updates from the parks which allow you to track the major construction going on (and there is TONS of it happening in California Adventure) as well as just get your Disney theme park fix when you are not able to hit the parks in person. Check it out!

Monday, March 22, 2010

My First Comic Book Crush...

...was Ms. Marvel. I had the very first issue and just thought- and still do- that she was the coolest- and hottest- female super hero around.

Sideshow Collectables- who make simply AMAZING props and statues that I really, really love- just released shots of their very first Ms. Marvel statue. Check it out:

Man, I think she looks so cool! The details, the color, the pose. Just great stuff! It's not her original outfit- which I love much more than this new one- but she still looks great!

Thing is, it's like $270 bucks which- to me- is too much to pay for something that's just going to sit on my shelf and probably get broken by my kids (or me and my clumsy ass self).  Plus I go thru phases where I take all my statues and trophies and toys and stuff and stick them in boxes in my garage. It's an energy sort of thing, like I just want my office clean of clutter (even cool clutter like this) so new ideas and new passions and new adventures can more easily flow into my life. This stuff is really cool but it almost feels like clinging to the past, you know?

Anyway- even with all that said- I still love this statue and if I see one at Comic Con this year for a good price, I may just pick her up.

Ok- later!


Welcome HOME, Old Boy

You can now walk around the virtual PS3 world of HOME as SWEET TOOTH or MR. GRIMM! Check them out!

No, Sweet Tooth, those pants don't make your ass look fat. Your ass being fat makes your ass look fat. 

When I first heard about HOME I kind of hoped there would be Sony game characters walking around but that they would be Sony controlled, so it would be like seeing Mickey at Disneyland and they would be controlled by members of the team who could go out and be the mascots and stay in character, give out cool demo codes, exclusive virtual goods,etc. I still like that idea more than anyone/everyone getting to dress as the characters. BUT that said, these are still dang cool! Hopefully we can get Dollface, Calypso, and a few other characters from Twisted Metal in as well. 

Ok, gonna get to bed so I can be up at 5am to get some work done. Take it easy ya'll!


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Still Alive, Still Bloggin'

As regular readers know, I hate blogs that don't get updated.

But work has been super, super busy this last week and so I've just had no time. Sorry bout that ya'll. 

It's 2:30am Sunday morning as I write this (got woken up) and figured I'd say hey before I drop back to sleep.

Here are some quick hits:

- Tried to watch NINJA ASSASSIN tonite. Opening was campy, bloody of the movie was kind of boring to me. Saw a panel with J. Michael Strazensky (sp?) at Comic Con last year and I THINK this was the movie/script he said he banged out in 48 hours. It shows :(...I wanted to dig it in a B movie kind of way but just could not get into it. Very dull. Way too much of an origin story (tons of flashbacks) for a character we don't know or care about or think is interesting. 

- Speaking of bad movies, walked out of GREEN ZONE with Matt Damon. Hurt Locker, Rendition, Three Kings, The Kingdom, and about 3-5 more Iraq war movies were better and this one brought nothing new to the party. And so many of the Iraq War Movie Cliches were on display here that after about 45 minutes I had seen enough. People don't get how I walk out of bad/boring movies. I don't get how more people don't. Isn't your time more valuable to you? I know mine is to me.

- Bought some toy eggs at the grocery store yesterday while picking up breakfast fixins for the kids. You put these in water and after about 8 hours, they hatch on their own and little toy dinos come out. Then if you keep the dinos in the water, the dinos get like 500% bigger! I lied to my kids and told them I found the eggs outside and they were bird eggs and we had to clean them in the sink so the mama bird would be willing to take the eggs back to her nest (kid logic=easy and fun!). Toys are so cool these days!

-Got my Comic Con hotel reservation! Sweet! Still not the hotel I wanted to stay in but hell, it's Comic Con! Hard to complain! Plus it's only 6 blocks from the show so much geeking out will be done during the day and lots of trolling the Gas Lamp district and drinking will be done at night. And I'll never need my car...just footing it everywhere!  Man, for a geek like me, Comic Con is such a fun show! 

- Ipad only about 5 week away! Yes, getting the 3G/WiFi Combo! 

- Can't wait to see the God of War 3 sales figures for the week. Did they do a million in the first 7 days?? I Hope so! That would make it the biggest GOW launch week by a looooong shot!  

- Speaking of God Of War 3, been seeing some very cool Kratos/GOW 3 billboards all over Los Angeles via pictures posted by the team (Facebook). I think that is so damn cool! 

-I went to a school fundraising party/function/event for families Friday night at my daughter's grammar school and almost tripped over a kid's backpack. Next to the backpack? A God of War Slurpee cup! :) I was both excited and kind of appalled (this is grammar school... I sure hope 1-4th graders do not play God of War games).

Ok need to crash/go back to bed. Hope you are all doing well. Talk more next week, promise :)


Monday, March 15, 2010


Look what UPS just dropped off :)

I love to design maps and take game design notes using pencils (not sure why, just makes me feel more creative and in touch than using pens).

So a few weeks ago I was looking at my 6 year old's pencils from school and they had all these cool designs on them. That got me to thinking: why are my pencils always so boring and dull and plain? I should get some fun, inspired, creative designs on my pencils too.

And since it was Dr. Seuss' birthday a few weeks ago- and since he is from San Diego and is a local hero round these parts-he was on my brain. And since- as a parent and creative kind of person- Doc Seuss really is a wonderful inspiration, it seemed like a good idea to surround myself with the magical, Seussacal energy. 

Anyway, so I got to wondering if I anyone had ever made some Dr. Seuss writin' utensils. And low and behold, they had!

And the pencils I found are from what I think is one of his very best books ever, "Oh the Places You'll Go!'If you have not read it, PLEASE give it a look. It's a fantastic book for kids and grown ups alike.

Anyway, so there ya go :) Now back to work! Later!


Friday, March 12, 2010


Check me out on this week's episode of THE BONUS ROUND from Gametrailers.

Along with host Geoff Keighly, I chat with game design consultant N'gai Croal and Bioware Co-Founder Greg Zeschuk all about videogame stories.

Hope ya'll dig it! Part II hits this Sunday.

Shut Up And Bleed You Mother Fuc-!

Out in Utah the last few days working on the game. Some cool pics with a Sweet Tooth mask :)

Me and Scott Campbell (Eat Sleep Play co-founder/co-pres) posing with our boy's head. My understanding is a former Incognito employee made this for his Halloween costume back in the day. But this was the first time I'd ever seen it. It's so dang cool!

Me, being a dork :)

Me as dork, Part II :)

Close up of the mask. Nice detail!!!

Great weekend ya'll! I'm stuck inside tomorrow doing more work for our game. But I don't mind- game is going well so it's fun to keep cranking :). Plus, I'll spend a little time with War/Darksiders. Yes, I am STILL trying to finish it. I thought I was gonna do it last weekend but a little game called GOD OF WAR III hit my inbox and I played that all weekend (finished it too!...when is the last time I finished a game in 1-2 days?!? Probably it was ICO back in tha day!)...

Ok...take it easy, ya'll!


Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Motion for Summary Judgement can read it here if you are so inclined.

Here is the Hollywood Reporter's take on the judgement. 

Saturday, March 06, 2010


Playing GOD OF WAR 3 this weekend and really, really loving it.

But it being a great game aside, it is an AMAZING and RARE game design learning opportunity. To play a game based on your initial design formula that you had nothing to do with is eye opening! Because for the first time, I can actually see how the game/God Of War formula feels to a normal player! Before this, I could only go off reviews and player reactions and guesses in terms of gauging just what the game really was and how it felt to play. You can try to imagine that experience when you make the game but since you know it so intimately, you never really know what it feels like for a normal member of the audience. You never know how others are actually experiencing it. Now I get to see and know and experience that! What a very cool learning opportunity! 

I'll post my final thoughts on the game when I finish it (and once it's been out a bit) but I can say now that visually and production wise, I really don't think there has EVER been a game that has executed at this level! Presentation and production wise, this is a crazy ass bar raising simply staggering game! And the execution of the story telling process? Fucking fantastic (amazing opening credits)! Amazing job all around! NOTE: Not suggesting he new GOW doesn't add and change the formula- that's up to you to determine- I am just saying the original formula is still present as well and that is what I am talking about.

Friday, March 05, 2010


And I gotta say, pissed as I am about this, I STILL think Brian and Stephen are two of the really great ones in game journalism right now...and I still consider Kotaku my fave site for game news...that said, this pisses the shit out of me....but no need to throw the baby out with the bath water I suppose....

You gonna fucking quote from my blog, the least you could do is print the whole mother fucking thing. Here is what just got detailed over at KOTAKU:

[I]f I owned the rights to TWISTED METAL and GOD OF WAR, I sure as hell would at the least send a sternly worded legal letter.
Heck, I'd send two legal letters if it were me.
I mean, first Microsoft puts out a car combat game and calls it SCRAP METAL?
Hey, looks like a great game! Right up my alley! Day one purchase for me. But come on guys, isn't that just a little too close to Sony's own car combat game TWISTED METAL?
And then Sony has GOD OF WAR, a game and potential movie about mortals fighting ancient Greek Gods. And then this movie gets announced called WAR OF THE GODS about- yep!- mortals fighting ancient Greek Gods.

Oh my, they left out the last know, the part where I make it CLEAR I am talking about game titles and not Sony suing over game CONCEPTS. What's the matter Kotaku, run out of fucking space on your blog? You couldn't afford to print these last few lines from the original post?

And look: Sony doesn't- and should not- own the concept of the Greek Myths. Nor should they own the idea of mortal fighting ancient Gods, Greek or any other kind. That's all public domain stuff. But the TITLE? Sony DOES own that. And GOD OF WAR/WAR OF THE GODS seem a little too close to comfort ya'll.

Anyway, like I said, not my fight. I don't own shit! :)

Yeah, I can see how that would have really added so much length to the post. What, did you run out of virtual ink? 

Nah, better to remove that part and- in my opinion- make me look like I was going off about lawsuits and thinking that Sony should own game concepts. And let's leave off the smiley face emoticon at the end of the post that- along with the picture of Chris Rock from a Kevin Smith comedy and the title of the original post (also a line from the same Kevin Smith comedy)- makes it clear this was a lighthearted observation and not a serious claim to anything.  Good move there guys. 

Anyway, I hope you guys will cover our games in the future. There are numerous companies and numerous people- not just me- who are busting ass to make our stuff. So I hope we can all count on a fair shake when you play and cover our games. But please- fucking stop covering me. You clearly can't do it right. And please, don't call me for any more favors. I have a feeling I'll be busy.



Thursday, March 04, 2010


Look what FED EX just dropped off!

To Stig, Scat, Whitney, Allan, Tim, Christer, Ken, Todd, Johnny HaHa, Johnny Hight, Jason, Shu, Matt, Scott, JoJo W, Max, Phil,  and hell SO MANY MORE peeps (from the original team and new folks along the way that I just don't have the time to ramble off)- thank you so much for bringing Kratos back to the world in such a grand, amazing style. What an amazing achievement!  I hope you all are as proud of this game as us fans are excited to play it!

And Allan, thanks for the advanced copy!


Wednesday, March 03, 2010


I checked out a few boards last nite and it seems this latest post has rubbed some folks the wrong way. Let me try to address here some of the most common complaints some of the game forum folks seem to be having.

#1- I AM NOT SUE HAPPY- I have never sued anyone and unless someone really steps over the line, I look at lawsuits as a last line of defense. Trust me, as someone who gone thru the process of being sued, the whole thing is a nasty, nasty, expensive business and it seems- to me- that it is meant to be. Like burying someone, divorce, our complicated tax system, and so many other institutions of our society that are important but more and more just seem like they exist for the sake of big business, there's a whole lot of people with expensive suits and expensive degrees who make a crap ton of cash off lawsuits. And I sure as hell don't want to contribute to their bottom line. And that is why I suggested sending a letter. I would guess in 99% of cases like this, no one is out to harm anyone else. It is simply a misunderstanding or an oversight that, when brought to light, could be corrected. I harbor no ill will or resentment towards the people making SCRAP METAL or the people making WAR OF THE GODS. They both sound like products right up my alley and I will be purchasing a download and a ticket to each one, respectively, once they hit...whatever their names end up being. 

#2- YOU ARE NOT AN EXPERT AT COPYRIGHT LAW AND NEITHER AM I- I know experts in copyright law (I actually do) and you, sir, are not an expert in copyright law. With the exception of MAYBE .1% of the people who are even aware of this discussion we are having, you don't know if my claims have merit in court and neither do I. And frankly, just because you or I think we are right on this, there is no real right or wrong. There is a judge who decides if there is a case and if there is, then there is a jury who decides who wins the case. And there is a lot of gray area simply because- while the law is very concrete- the subjective interpretation of that law requires a human brain. I can tell you that when I saw the titles, they rubbed me the wrong way and seemed worth mentioning. I can live with the fact that I could be wrong and I can live with the fact that most folks may not agree with me. This doesn't make me an idiot and it doesn't make you a genius. YOU go spend your precious time on this planet working with others and giving everything you've got to create some intellectual property and I assure you, you will feel protective of it. Again, being protective does not mean my assumption that these titles cross the line is right. But being a smarmy asshole- like a good % of board posters have been towards me over this issue- doesn't make you right either. It just makes you a smarmy asshole. NOTE: It has been pointed out to me that because my issues are clearly with title and not idea, this is a TRADEMARK LAW issue, not a COPYWRIGHT LAW issue. Fair enough. I stand corrected on the type of law. My comments and thoughts still stand tho. 

#3- TONE- See the big Chris Rock picture? You know, the comedian? See the quote from a Kevin Smith movie that I use for the title of this post? See the smiley face at the bottom of this post? People, I'm not on a crazy rampage about this. I never said I was going to sue anyone. I was bringing it up as something that interests me and something I thought would be worth sharing with people who come to this blog to hear about- mainly- my game making life. And I was doing so in a lighthearted manner. I assure you, this is the farthest thing from a big deal in my life. If nothing were to change on this front, I really would not care. 

#4- FOR THE LOVE OF FUCK- Finally, for the people who are like, "JAFFE! GET BACK TO WORK ON YOUR GAME!"...please, let me assure you, I am working very hard. The team is working very hard. Sony is working very hard. We are all busting ass and- even tho we may not agree on these particular legal issues- we are still eager to entertain each and every one of you with what we've got cooking. Just like you, I don't work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even during my day, I take breaks. But as some of you know, I work at home. So while at your job you may hang in the breakroom with your buddies and chat about last nite's episode of LOST or what game you are playing, I video chat with friends and I blog. Fucking sue me. But the point IS, we are working hard on our game and we're looking forward to showing it to you today on GTTV...oh wait...that's not us :) 

Ok so that's my update. Thanks for reading. Later.


Ok, maybe not Lucas but Sony should. Or if I owned the rights to TWISTED METAL and GOD OF WAR, I sure as hell would at the least send a sternly worded legal letter.

Heck, I'd send two legal letters if it were me.

I mean, first Microsoft puts out a car combat game and calls it SCRAP METAL?

Hey, looks like a great game! Right up my alley! Day one purchase for me. But come on guys, isn't that just a little too close to Sony's own car combat game TWISTED METAL?

And then Sony has GOD OF WAR, a game and potential movie about mortals fighting ancient Greek Gods. And then this movie gets announced called WAR OF THE GODS about- yep!- mortals fighting ancient Greek Gods. 

And look: Sony doesn't- and should not- own the concept of the Greek Myths. Nor should they own the idea of mortal fighting ancient Gods, Greek or any other kind. That's all public domain stuff. But the TITLE? Sony DOES own that. And GOD OF WAR/WAR OF THE GODS seem a little too close to comfort ya'll.

Anyway, like I said, not my fight. I don't own shit! :)


Tuesday, March 02, 2010


One of my favorite movies of all time. I found this on Youtube this morning while feeling 
homesick for my dear Los Angeles. I know people don't get how someone can love L.A. but I 
really do. It will always be my home and I will get back there one day, for sure. This movie- 
along with the great L.A. STORY- really capture the energy and vibe of that great city.

Also, it's just a really good- altho slightly hammy and pretty dated- flick. See it if you ain't!

Later ya'll!