Thursday, January 17, 2008

I'm ON THE SPOT today!

Hey ya'll! Head on over to at 4pm (Pacific time) to hear me on their ON THE SPOT show. At least I THINK I am gonna be on (not 100% confirmed yet). And I THINK they have played some of the review code of the new Twisted, so listen in and I will try to pry out some info on if they dug the game, hated it, or were kinda meh on the whole thing.

Also, if you have not seen some of our other press, check out me and Scott doing some press for the new Twisted Metal at:

Gamepro Interview

Gamepro Preview of Twisted Metal: HEAD ON- EXTRA TWISTED EDITION

Game Informer Interview/Preview Hands On


Will also be chatting with IGN and 1up today I THINK. So look out for that as well!


ps. Thanks to Grasshopper for helping me figure out- FINALLY- how to post links to this damn site! Thanks bud!

pps. Extra special thanks to Paul 'bad ass motherfucker' Murphy at Sony PR for setting up all these great PR opps for us. Much as we love the new TM and proud as we are of it, we know without a great PR man hitting the phones, we would not be getting the kind of coverage we are for a PSP-to-PS2 thanks dude!