Monday, July 16, 2007

I usually think writing to elected representatives is a waste of time. There is no way even a million of us will affect the folks in the Senate and House more than the massive checks from big corps. That said, short of taking up a gun and joining a revolution, what else can a constitution loving liberal like myself do in times like these? So- in the interest of not being an apathetic person- I just shot this off to Babs Boxer, a great senator from California. Sure it won't do a hill of beans, but at least I tried. Thought I'd share:


I would like to know your views on impeachment hearings for Dick Cheney and George W. Bush.

I think it is time for our elected representatives to get to the bottom of what many of us feel are the current administration's lies to the people and disrespect for our constitution. If the hearings do not bear this out, then so be it. Good for us as a nation.

If the hearings do prove what many of us feel- that it is time for the corrupt administration in the White House to go- then good for us as a nation. It will mean our elected officials have put the fear of not being elected again aside and protected our constitution with the same bravery and courage shown by our troops who are dying daily in Iraq.

Please search your heart and look into this matter. Like any job that you love, it must be scary to risk losing it. I can appreciate this. But please do not let your love for your job come before the love for your country.

Thanks for all you've done for our state,

David Jaffe


NOW we'll start seeing some fucking changers around here!!!