Friday, July 15, 2011


I LOVE this image and I LOVE this vehicle!

Scott and I have been wanting a semi with trailer in a Twisted Metal game since we worked on the first title back in 1995! We finally got it!

And not only did we get it! But we got it and THEN some!!! Check it out:

Juggernaut lets your teammates drive their vehicles inside the BACK of the damn trailer and then man weapons attached to the top of the trailer! All while the driver of Juggernaut is busy ramming the hell out of the bad guys! But be careful cause if you open your trailer doors to let your buddies inside, ANY SHOT that lands INSIDE the trailer does 2.5X damage!

God, I love this vehicle! :)

Thanks to Donald and Kellan at Eat Sleep Play for grabbing this amazing screen!


ps. And yes, if you are wondering, we limit the number of Juggernaut's a team can use in ranked team games. So for Nuke, your team only gets 1 Juggernaut for the whole game. So it's best if your coordinate with your team to decide if you wanna use him as transport or offensively or defensively or at the opening, mid, or end game...Same logic will apply to other 'class like' vehicles such as Talon (the helicopter) and Junkyard Dog (the medic)...For unranked games you can turn this logic off and have- for the most part- as many of these vehicle types as you like...

Thursday, July 14, 2011



Oooh, one more! This one from OLDMARIO on my Twitter, this one is dang cool!!! Thanks Sir OldMario :)!

+++++END EDIT+++++

So TWISTED METAL BOX ART!!!!...well, not really :) ...not yet :)...

However, I saw these over on Twisted Metal Alliance and wanted to share.

First up is a fan created box art from Minion89:

Wanna know how I know it's fake? Well, other than for the simple fact that it's...fake? That big, shiny EAT SLEEP PLAY logo on the FRONT COVER. We gotta earn our stripes as a unique company before we are able to negotiate studio logo on the front of the box! 

But anyway, I thought this was kinda cool. However, I would never get behind this as the actual cover and I'll tell you why: no cars! As I've said before, one of our mistakes with Twisted Black's box was picking a great image (I felt) that didn't communicate what was inside the box. This image- cool as it is- has the similar issue which is it sells the insane world of Twisted Metal great but it doesn't sell the core fantasy of the play mechanics: CARS WITH GUNS! 

Still, pretty neat to see them all in one place. And cool to see Calypso in there as well although I don't think he'll ever make the box just because- from a sales standpoint- his story is nowhere near as important as the core fantasy the game is selling.

Then there's this from SeventyXSeven. Guess he got this at E3 this year?!? I had no clue they were handing these out but now that I know, I need to get me one of those!

This image- as I recall- was one of the MANY images we were looking at for the final box art. Final box is not locked yet tho and I don't think this one is going to be the actual box image. You never know, but I don't think it is. Still, I like it! But again...all the wacky vehicles...but no straight up CAR COMBAT! Gotta make sure that makes it onto the core box!

Ok- slammed as always- talk soon-

For those who have not met our first boss...this is IRON MAIDEN!

And for those folks out there who wonder why we hire amazingly talented artists and animators: these are my sketches of what would become IRON MAIDEN for a pitch document I wrote for the team:

Core concept? CHECK! Some of her rough gameplay represented (that Scott, Kellan, and I fleshed out LOTS more at LAST year's Comic Con)? CHECK! Visual excution above a 5 year old 's art talent level? OH HELLS NO! Thank God I work with a super talented team! :)

Ok, later ya'll!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Twisted Metal...brought to life!

Man I really hope these movies work out! :)


How Cool :)...

Big thanks to super talented De-monVarela over at the super cool DeviantArt site! I know it's probably egotistical to post this but I just thought it was really neat! 

I imagine most of us who have worked on these titles feel there is a lot of us in the characters. I know I certainly feel that way, that Kratos and Sweet Tooth are very much inside of me and part of me. So to see a pic like this, well, it's just pretty cool and I wanted to share! 

Ok- work's been nuts. Sorry for the lack of updates but what can I say: we've all just been super slammed making the new Twisted Metal! 

Comic Con next week! Hope to see some of ya'll at our Saturday 6pm panel!

Take care, ya'll!