Sunday, May 11, 2008


Fuck the haters. I LOVED this movie! A little long and a little young/kiddie (for ME!) but overall it rocked...and that scene with the truck vs. Racer X on the mountain road?!? Pure Twisted Metal!

Shame this is getting hit as the first big bomb of the summer. I think it'll be remembered much more fondly than that.

I know nothing I write on my little blog will make any difference, but if you are looking for a good, fun, cool time at the movies, Speed Racer- to me anyway- really delivers. And I was never much of a Speed Racer fan. I knew of it, used to watch it on and off as a kid...but had/have no real allegiance to it. So I'm not biased, you know? With Indy 4, it could be terrible and I will still love it cause it's Indy. Not so with Speed Racer.

This makes me wanna go get the game- which I hear is darn solid, especially for a movie game.