Sunday, January 10, 2010


Clearly I love Greek Mythology. And clearly I love cars mounted with machine guns and rocket launchers. And what do ya know?!? From watching the trailer, this movie has both!!!?!?

And I'm not one of these Chris Columbus haters. I think he's a solid director and used to be a great screenwriter (Goonies, Young Sherlock).

So I'll be there for this movie, hells yes. Not as excited for this as for the CLASH OF THE TITANS remake but I'll be there day one for both.

But COME THE HELL ON! PERCY JACKSON!?! That is the name of your hero? And that is the name of your fucking franchise?!?

I get that you can't just call it THE LIGHTNING THIEF, like the book cause you want to build brand awareness of the lead so you can do sequel after sequel and still keep the core protagonist in the title. Makes good sense. But change the fucking dude's name. You're launching a movie that- from the looks of it- cost at least 150 mill. I'm sure you've made lots of changes from the book to make the story more appropriate for the movie medium. When you were tinkering with the book to movie adaptation, didn't anybody go, "Dude, Percy Jackson is a stupid, wimpy, lame name for a hero and FUCKING TERRIBLE name for a movie franchise?!?"

Think about it: HARRY POTTER, INDIANA JONES, JAMES BOND, AND...Percy Jackson?!?! Percy Motherfucking Jackson?!? Come the fuck on. So dumb.

Hell, when the trailer voice guy even says the title at the end, you can so easily imagine after he recorded it he turned to the sound guy and was like, "Percy Jackson?!? Are they fucking kidding with that shit?!?"

"Hey mom! I wanna Percy Jackson action figure!"


Later ya'll! Hope your weekend is going great! Just got back from taking my kids to see Alvin and the Chipmunks Part Deux. I dug it! Liked the first one as well and David Cross is always really funny in these flix.

Oh speaking of movies, I walked the fuck OUT of Avatar on Friday nite. I get I'm in the teeny, tiny minority on this one so I ain't gonna deny that people clearly love it. I just ain't one of them. And you all know my taste's. I'm not some elitist movie going snob.  Love mainstream movies and popcorn flix more than any other kind. But man, the story was SO boring and I've seen that story done over and over and over that I really was just kind of bored by the whole thing. But again, I get that I'm kind of alone on this as it's made over a billion bucks in less than a month?!!? Holy hell!