Monday, October 31, 2011


Nice to see good ol' Needles and Kratos representing the freaks and killers of the world this All Hallow's Eve! Thanks for sending these in, ya'll! 

Here's AG3N1US about to get his sweet tooth on! Mmmmmm....cup cakes! :)

And here's one of AG3N1US in a bad ass action pose (clearly with a friend he picked up while playing THE HEIST!) 

Shit, be careful Joe_Stein89...the tip on that knife is sharp and fine! ...see what I did there? I took his name and made a...ah, never mind. Fuck off! :)

JRUFFLER looking creepy with that neat, evil green glow! 

Love the semi big headed look of this version of Tooth by LI_MILOE. That mask is super, super cool! 

And how could we forget the God of War himself?!? Where'd you get those blades, NINJEL1? Looking very cool! 

Thanks Batdump! The way the pic was shot makes it look like Kratos in Big Head Mode! :) Very cool costume! But why so sad?!?

Game Journalism's bad boy (yes, I just wrote that...), Destructoid's own Jim Sterling! Thanks Jim! When we gonna do a podcast together?!?! And by the way, I thought your love note to that hater earlier today was quite hilarious ('I am in love with you'), not to mention super romantic :)...

Ok, I cheat a bit. This is a guy from DragonCon that Edwinshouse tweeted me about. BUT I assume with a costume this cool, he'll be wearing it tonite as well! :)

Sweet Tooth, you will kill Captain America now! The Red Skull demands it!!!

Happy Sweet Tooth Halloween, compliments of Mr. QweggBomb! 

Talk about a Tag Team! Sweet Tooth and MJ, kicking some major ass on Halloween night! I assume Tooth used propofol to light his hair on fire?!? Thanks MetinVeyda! 

The man, the myth, the mo-fuckin' legend: NUCLEAR JOHNSON! that I just typed that name out I THINK I finally get it. It's a penis joke, yes? Anyway, Nuke: thanks for the great feedback on Twisted from PAX! Super helpful and super appreciated! Thanks for being a fan of the series- means tons to us! 

And the award for Sweet Tooth with the coolest alter ego goes to: KAPTNGRAVES! 

If you are heading out as one of our characters this year (or if you see someone out and about today in a Twisted or God of War costume), take a pic and send it to the blog, if you don't mind? Thanks!
Ok- gonna get the day rolling early so I can hopefully shut down around 5:30 and get the trick or treating rolling with the kids! Be safe and have today/tonight ya'll!