Friday, April 04, 2008


Reader Da Dark Knight just sent me this pic he did of me, Kratos, and Sweet Tooth having a cook out! I freaking love it!!!

The orbs from the grill rock and check it out: Kratos is wearing a USC jacket! Fantastic!

Dark Knight, thanks! You made my day!


ps. gonna show the shirt I am wearing in this pic to Scott. Would LOVE to get Eat Sleep Play shirts like this for the fall! This design is perfect. If we get one made, I'll send you one Dark Knight!

Hey World...Check ME Out!

The amazing GAMETAP service has picked my games for its Playlist of the Week!

It's basically a game version of the itunes celeb playlist, where I post little blurbs about my top 10 GAMETAP games...

Check it out and you will not only learn about the world's best video pinball game and what inspired the level design in God of War, but you can also discover what a smooth playa I was back in junior high!

Click me!

Thanks to Gametap and Gametap's Doug Perry for the very cool opportunity! Appreciate it, guys!



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