Friday, April 03, 2009

If you are looking for something cool/sweet to read...

...and sweet as in emotionally sweet...not sweet like, "fucking SWEET dude!" then click here.

It's a fantastic article over at Comic Book Resources from the guy who runs the Earth 2 comic store in Sherman Oaks, Ca.

You don't need to be into comics to dig what he's saying and what he's saying covers so much of what I've been going on about these last few weeks: childhood nostalgia, digital vs. retail, being a geek, and doing what you love in life versus what society tells you is the 'right thing'. I really enjoyed reading it this morning and I hope you do to.

I'm up early, trying to get the team a bunch of notes before a bunch of the team heads off next week for spring break. Whole house except me is asleep and it's very calm and peaceful right now...but I hear my oldest in the next room stirring and I know she'll come running in here any moment. So I better get done what I can before that happens.

Chat later ya'll! Great weekend if I don't chat with you before!

Oh and: FAST & FURIOUS this weekend! SWEET!!!