Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sick Ass Motherfucker...

12:30 am, up sick as crap :(

This is the worst sore throat I've had since I was in Vegas for the very first Sony Santa Monica Xmas party and I was up all night in the bathroom drinking tea from room service, sitting on the bathroom floor reading magazines so I would not wake up my wife.

This so sucks!

And you know it sucks cause I took Nyquil and this soar throat is so bad, the pain woke me up, even tho I'm drugged up on that shit...which I LOVE by the way!

Tea and Tylonol...what else can you do? My codine perscription- I forget why I have codine...some sickness in the past- is no longer valid. Mmmmm, codine would rock rite now....!

Oh, check this out:

Doing final Xmas shopping tonite and I popped into Radio Shack. Didn't know they sold PS games! And check it- The God of War games are for sale in there! Not that I have the skills as a writer, but if I had any energy right now, I'd attempt to write about how full circle-y it is that a game I worked on is for sale in Radio Shack. Radio Shack? What's so special about Radio Shack? Well, the Radio Shack in the Brookwood Village mall back in Alabama was the very place I used to 'program' fantasy adventure games on the TRS-80/CoCo in the back of the store while my parents were shopping at the mall....(if you can call my BASIC programming slop 'programming')...ya know...something like this:

10 PRINT "You are standing in front of an ancient Mayan temple."
20 PRINT "Vines cover the stone steps that lead up to the pyramid summit, some 200 feet above..."
30 INPUT "What do you do?!?"; A$
40 IF A$ ="Take steps" GOTO 70
50 IF A$="Look at Vines" GOTO 60
60 PRINT "The vines are slippery, wet. Is that blood on them?!?"
65 GOTO 80
70 PRINT "Are you actually still reading this shitty BASIC PROGRAMMING example that probably would not even run cause I think I've forgotten the proper syntax for how to do Input strings?!?!"

Ok, gonna try to sleep again...or maybe I'll play some Uncharted. Finished Ratchet finally yesterday...LOVED IT! Started uncharted and I LOVE the theme and the look of it...controls suffer in comparison to the buttery smooth Ratchet but the ambiance and spirit of the game keep pulling me back. I worry tho about how much shooting there is. I LIKE the shooting; it's fun and really well done. But I'm at this part- right after the UBOAT- where it's like damn: ENOUGH FUCKING SPAWNING THE DRONES! EVERY 10 STEPS IS MORE FUCKING GUNPLAY!

Man I dig this game alot but I hope it's not paced this way the whole way thru...with just one shoot out after it?!?

Take care ya'll!


ps. God I hope I don't stay sick for brother and parents are in town for Xmas and they tend to love movies as much as me. So many good flicks to see...I hope I'm well enough for us to all go out...I love doing that! And there's some good stuff to see right now...the Tom Hanks thing, Atonement, National Treasure, The Great Debaters...ok, gonna go to bed and try to get well...