Sunday, November 23, 2008



Two things:

a- LOVE MGS4...have yet to finish it but I LOVE it. I just think as an overall game- for ME- Gears was able to achieve its goals better and thus, the overall game experience- for me- was better. But MGS4's ambitions were clearly very, very lofty, ambitious, and forward thinking and I think they succeeded at achieving those ambitions 90% of the time. GEARS SEEMED - what do I know?- to shoot for a simpler set of goals and they- to ME- nailed every single one of those goals. Both games are essential playing (and will probably remain so beyond 2008) and it's very possible that given how much unique stuff MGS4 tries to do, it could eventually be seen as the 'better' game. And I think it will certainly be seen as the game that influences more games- from a pure mechanics standpoint- going forward. Altho the Gears reload 'mini game' is genius and for some reason- for me- works SO MUCH BETTER in Gears 2 than in Gears 1 (altho I don't think it's changed so I dunno why I am saying that...but in GOW2 it just seems to fit in better). But come on, they are both classics.

b- We have not gone multiplatform. We are 100% exclusive to Sony and we are proud of and grateful for that affiliation. It means a lot to us to be exclusive to Sony, given our history with the company and love the idea of providing ultra fun games exclusively for the PS3 audience. I remember being a kid with my ATARI 2600 and my best friend had the INTELLIVISION and it rocked to have exclusives that helped define my console. It was also fun to go over to his house to play stuff that I could not play at home (Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, B-17 Bomber!) In this day and age, exclusives gets more and more rare and so it's pretty cool to be aiding in carrying on with that tradition. Doesn't mean we will ALWAYS be single platform, but right now we see no reason not to be and are- again- very, very happy with the situation and would love to think Sony will always want us to be exclusive to them.



For those wondering where I was this weekend- when I had just posted saying I was going to be making a Skype enabled appearance at the Video Game Expo in Philadelphia- well here is your answer:

I was sitting at home, on my ass, playing some MK vs. DCU and waiting to go virtually on stage.

But then as the minutes ticked by, I started to realize, "Hey, this thing ain't happening..."

So I went for a walk with the ex-wife to get some coffee and hang out.

Odd thing is,I JUST found out- as in minutes ago, as in TONITE, SUNDAY NITE-that the appearance was officially cancelled an hour (or perhaps just minutes) before it was supposed to occur.

So on my end folks: I had- and still have- no idea what happened.

I had been in very regular contact with the VGXPO people over the last month. Very nice folks, clearly they are interested in putting on a good show and if they continue to want my support in the future, I see no reason to withhold it.

BUT you'd think sometime between last Thursday afternoon (when I first started trying to reach them to get some 411 and confirmation) and, say, 5 minutes before our talk was scheduled to go on, SOMEONE from the show could have called or emailed me to let me know what the fuck was going on.

Alas, it's Sunday nite at 10 in San Diego and I've not heard a word from these guys.

What the fuck.

But I'm sure they cancelled it for a good reason. I know as of Monday, there were some firewall issues we were trying to deal with in order to get the Skype going. So I got no beef with them canceling it. Hell, it's not like I was gonna get paid for it (I don't take money for this kind of stuff). My issue is more with: hey, could you guys have fucking given me a heads up? Before you cancelled it? DURING your canceling it? How about over a day AFTER we were scheduled to go on. But alas, nada. Still have not heard word one.

And damn, it's a good thing I didn't, you know, have PLANS or anything that I had set aside in order to be there for the dang show. You know, the one I wasn't getting PAID to do? The one I did for FREE cause I'm a nice guy and thought it would be fun to support a 'game show for gamers instead of just industry peeps' kind of deal? Yeah, that one. THAT show. Sheesh.

Anyway, hope no one showed up to see me and was pissed. And hell, I hope everyone involved in putting on my part of the show is ok. Hope no one got sick or anything.

But anyway, there's the info.

If there's any interest, we'll do a live video blog again- at this site- in the next few weeks and we can all get together online and chat games. Deal?

Ok, gotta run. Office is a damned mess and I wanna clean it before the week gets going. It's real hard for me to get focused on work when the office looks like nuke hit.


ps. I saw GOD OF WAR III when I was in Santa Monica last week. I can and will not give away details. But I think it's ok for me to say two things:

b- I thought GEARS OF WARS 2 looked about as good as a next-gen game could look....and that game is currently- and will probably remain- my game of the year. And hell, I think I actually get to vote on that kind of stuff in some circles :) And unless I get blown away by POP or something else I missed, GEARS 2 is the SHIT....this year. Dudes and dudettes, fucking WAIT till you see the amazing graphics...just fucking wait. And yes, Xbots, accuse me all you want of being a Sony fanboy. Just remember two things:

#1- I just said GEARS 2 is the BEST fucking playing and looking game of the year....better than any PS3 game. And there are some damn good PS3 games, I feel.

#2- FUCK YOU! I ain't no fan boy but this mother fucking game looks like nothing you've ever played...and you can hold me to that when this thing hits and when they start showing gameplay footage. It looks like a painting come to life- it's THAT good looking.