Friday, July 16, 2010

Twisted Metal: Apocalypse!

There was a time- 2 years ago about- that the new PS3 Twisted Metal was going to be set in an apocalyptic wasteland. Co-Director Scott Campbell was not in favor as he doesn't dig the whole post apocalypse vibe. So we nixed it. Good thing we did given the glut of apocalypse style games now flooding the market. Scott so smart! :)

That said, I still love this design for post nuke Sweet Tooth!

Come see more images from TM:APOCALYPSE as well as images of the also nixed urban vibed Twisted Metal (along with cool give aways and other cool Twisted Metal stuff) at the Twisted Metal panel at the San Diego Comic Con! It's in room 8 on Friday at 1pm!

Hope to see ya there!