Monday, September 13, 2010


Hey ya'll! Wanted to share 2 things real quick:

About to settle in and take a first pass whack at getting our vehicles to feel unique and special and make sure each vehicle is balanced. The first step in a long process of tuning and tweaking nobs begins with a spreadsheet.

I'm just seeing this for the first time today. I have to imagine this has been going around the net for ages and I'm just now seeing it. It seems like perfect NEOGAF fodder altho I've never seen this image on GAF. But a buddy of mine just brought it to my attention this morning. Hard to not respect the length these gamers went to in order to create an online game experience with a split screen game, as goofy as this picture is. But two things:

#1- as a guy who loves split screen gaming, to me, I always design with the fact that the other guy CAN see your screen in mind. To me, it's part of the fun, part of the strategy. Doesn't mean these guys above are not having a blast doing it their way; I can see that working out really good. But I always assumed others were looking at my screen and planned around that fact (as a player and a designer) accordingly.

#2- Fuck, it must REEK under that sheet! A potent cocktail of nerdsweat, cheetos, and stale farts.