Sunday, September 12, 2010


Sweet! Excited for the VMAS tonite!

It's odd: I'm almost 40 and I know more of today's bands and singers and songs than the acts that were hot 10 years ago. Why is that? itunes and youtube, man. itunes and youtube have totally kept me in the know and excited about today's popular music whereas 10 years ago I had stopped listening to radio- cause it was just an abysmal experience- and so I fell out of the loop in terms of which singers, bands, and songs were popular.

NOTE: I refuse to call them 'artists'. Entertainers, singers, acts? Sure- totally. But 99% of them don't deserve the title 'artist' and I just fucking laugh when they use it to define themselves. The writers and producers? Yes, some of them are artists for sure. And some of the musicians and singers are as well. But the vast majority of today's prepackaged acts? Not so much. Which is fine. I still dig Taylor Swift and Britney Spears, totally! But they ain't artists. Jay-Z, Kanye, Eminem, Mary J Blige, tho? Yeah, I would say they are artists for sure.

Anyway- artists or not- seems like it's gonna be a great show! Kanye doing an apology song to Taylor Swift? Live performance of AIRPLANES by B.o.B and Hayley Williams, live stuff from Eminem! What's not to love?!? And Chelsea Handler hosting? Should be a great fucking show! I'm jazzed!


Ok, I think I just had a cranky senior moment. But I'm only 39! Yeah, I know. But look:  the more I think about it, if you WRITE a song and it connects with people, then fuck it, in my book, you get to call yourself an artist. I mean, isn't that the whole point of art? So sure, while I like the pop bubble gum vibe of Taylor Swift's music (which she does write herself) and simply think it's fun, light, silly music to have on in the background, there are probably millions of teeny bopper girls who do see Taylor Swift as a genuine artist. And who am I to say different? To them, Swift's music is probably an anthem for their lives. For them, Taylor Swift's music touches them and makes them think and makes them feel. So fuck it, she gets to be an artist too :)

And hell, I guess even if you don't write the music, if you can sing it in such a way that your voice- or your guitar or your drums or your fuckin' flugal horn- touches and moves people, then shit yeah, you can be an artist too.

But if you DON'T write it and your voice is pretty much all computer processed out, then no, YOU do not get to be an artist. You get to be an 'act'. And there are LOTS of people out there making hit music who do fall into this category. So them? Those people? I laugh at them.

The rest are my book. No idea what's up with your book :)

Ok, now I'm done.

FUCK I'm getting old! :)