Thursday, January 28, 2010


Had the nite to sleep on it. Waking up, I want one. I want one bad.

I get all the arguments against it and they are valid. I just don't care. I still want one to surf the net with in coffee shops, on my couch, and in my hotel when I travel. HATE there is no camera (must have my video chat!) but when they offer one with a camera on the next gen, I'll upgrade if I can afford to.

Main reason for wanting it: reading Marvel Comics digital comic service (man those comics are gonna look sweet on this thing!), online news sites, and game sites on a more comfortable device than a laptop. Oooh, and I will prob use ibooks if they start publishing graphic novels and some good non fiction stuff. And man, I HOPE more magazine like applications are coming soon. Not websites, but magazine style apps (like reading full issues of ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY on the thing...NOT just a link to the EW website)....

Also some people have been writing about how cool video board games would be on it (think it was Kotaku or Joystiq) and I certainly agree.

But I get it's not for everyone. The data plans are expensive, there's no REAL reason to ditch your laptop and/or iphone for this...those devices are much more robust than this device. But end of the day, this thing is just cool and I think I will use it a lot, and those are the two main reasons I want it.

But sure, maybe it will flop. If you take the geek net's majority reaction as an indication of mainstream interest, the Ipad is DOA. Lots of people sure are disappointed in what the thing does and does not do. And I get that. Like I said, I can see how it's not for everyone. That's fair.

BUT I really hate the argument I've seen pop up today where one reason to hate Ipad is cause of it being a closed system that Apple controls. Same old anti-Apple argument. And it's a stupid fucking argument because people who buy Apple know what they are in for with Apple products. And in most cases- at the very least mine- not only do they know what they're in for...they FUCKING LOVE what they're in for!

Man, I LOVE that my Apple products just freaking work 99% of the time. I can't STAND PCs. Can't stand the interface, can't stand how long they take to boot up, can't stand how fucking inelegant they are, hate the stupid Windows start up and shut down sound. Hate everything about them.

And I don't WANT to tinker with my fucking computer. I don't WANT to add cards and cables and have 5 monitors hooked up to it and some such shit.

I want the shit I buy to do the shit I need it to do...I don't care if it's a new shirt, a pack of condoms, or a brand new $2000 computer. If I buy something, damn thing BETTER work the way it's designed to work or it's going back to the store.  And none of this, "Well a PC DOES work how it's designed to work but you have to know what you are doing and nut fuck it up". Oh FUCK YOU. I'm kind of busy living a life here, you know? Kids, a business, making games, hanging out...not all that interested in getting a fucking IT degree before my PC will work how it's supposed to.

I get there is a subset of users out there that want more control over their home computing experience and God bless em', that's what a PC is for. But I wish the haters would stop trying to present Apple's closed door/tight control policy like it's a bad thing. Us Apple lovers KNOW what we are getting into with the closed door policy and dammit, most of us LIKE IT because it means the shit will work the way it was designed to. It's a damn good trade off for many of us out here. So PLEASE Apple haters, stop trying to present it like it's a bad thing to so many of us. It's just not.

Ahem...rant over :)

Damn...90 days is a LOOOONG time to wait to kick back at Starbucks and read an Amazing Spiderman digital comic.