Friday, June 13, 2008

Real Fast Before Weekend Hits:

a- Tim Russert died :(

God, I loved Tim Russert. Loved his shows, his passion (I still recall how excited he seemed trying to use his little white board to figure out who was gonna win the 2000 pres election), dug his book about fatherhood. Seemed like an all around decent man and a giant in his profession. As a semi-political junkie, I can tell you that am gonna miss him during this election season and certainly on election day/night. Man, what a loss. And only 58 :(

b- I didn't know Laurent from Nintendo was a man... I do. Laurent just seemed like Lauren to me and we don't have many/any Laurents here in the's a very uncommon name for America and so I made an assumption. My mistake.

How pathetic some folks thought I was trying to diss him by 'changing' his gender. Says more about them than me, I think.

Also, was glad to see they offered an apology. As I made clear, I'm a fan of the big N- always have been- and it's great that it seems they will continue to support their core fanbase while also making huge inroads into the mainstream.

Great weekend ya'll! And for all of us dads out there: have a great father's day!!!


From The Masters Themselves...

Tina Kowalewski- newly appointed head of external game development for Sony Santa Monica- has been an industry staple for years. As I said in an earlier post, the woman freaking knows EVERYONE in the biz. And one of the things she's been doing over the years is keeping this sketch book with little cartoon sketches from the biggest creators in gaming. Think of a game developer you know and like, and chances are, they've contributed to Tina K's sketch book. Some of the sketches are characters from the game creator's biggest games...others are just silly little drawings (mine was a terrible 'sketch' of Spiderman swinging over some buildings)...Either way, it's a damn cool piece of game biz memorabillia. And Tina's given me permission to show you/reprint three of her many game dev sketches on this very blog. Enjoy!

And don't forget to Hulk out this weekend! I hear it's pretty fun! Will let ya'll know what I think about it next week.


In honor of this week's MGS4 release- still not had a chance to play it- here's snake from Shinkawa-san himself!

Miyamoto sketching his greatest creation!

Something from the genius Will Wright that I am not sure I understand all together...what else is new! :)

ps. Tina! Get like 20 more of these and then get the folks who drew them to write little 1-2 para blurbs and publish this damn thing! I wonder if there are legal issues with it tho, as in: can someone do a sketch of a copywritten character and you put that in your book? Or do you need to get clearances for them all? I dunno...still, if you can do it, you should! :)