Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Come work at EAT SLEEP PLAY!


Hey all: ok, so if you fit any of the descriptions below, please send to:'ll be on the lookout!

BUT PLEASE understand....we are only looking for the positions listed below. I am so appreciative and grateful to all of ya'll who have expressed interest in working together. Who knows what the future holds. But for now, we really only need those slots filled. So if you do something else that is NOT those slots, you really don't need to spend your resources sending in a resume. I will alert you on this blog and on our eat sleep play site when new positions open up...thanks for your understanding!



Hey- wanna come work with us on our brand new Playstation 3 game? It's gonna be really cool, I promise :)

Well if you are interested- and you fit any of the below descriptions- then we're dying to talk to you. The company is in Salt Lake City (altho I work from San Diego, so you won't have to deal with my handsome mug every day!) and it's a great, great group of people. I've worked with them for 13 years- on and off- and they just rock.

We've also got a great deal with Sony (worked with them for 13 years as well) and a terrific producer who- unlike other places- will make sure the game actually ships and you get your work seen :)

So if any of this sounds good, let me know in the comments and I will let you know where to send your resumes.

Maybe we'll be working together soon! Sweet!

David here's what we need:

#1-Gameplay Programmer-
Overall, the position of Game Programmer is expected to partner with the organization to:

1. Implement code systems based upon:
• Technical designs as submitted by the Lead Programmer
• Game designs as submitted by game design and art staff
• Working cooperatively with team members to form or further enhance code systems

2. Develop skills to produce competitive and technically superior code systems by:
• Communicating with experienced staff on the team to learn techniques and/or design philosophies
• Working with existing code systems and learning how and why they have been developed
• Seeking outside development influences through either peer relations and/or conferences related to current field and project parameters

3. Support code systems including:
• Pre-existing code systems
• Newly developed technologies
• 3rd Party libraries / tools and technologies
• Provide technical support to art and design staff for tools and game logic code systems

4. Self-Manage programming tasks including:
• Task management based on schedules provided by the Lead Programmer
• Communicate with the Lead Programmer on amount of time required to finish tasks on a timely basis
• Identify tasks that require extra scheduled time or extra programming help to aid completion.

REQUIRED SKILLS – This section outlines skills necessary to perform the function.

• TEAM: Must be able to work effectively with other programmers, artists, and designers in a team environment.

• PROCESS: Must be able to take instruction from Lead Programmer or Senior Programmers and be able to provide insight into a broad range of technical challenges. Must be able to utilize a variety of tools to aid in programming and be able to think beyond the given challenge presented for a potential solution.

• TECHNICAL: Must have a competent knowledge of the programming languages and practices being used on the project. Must possess good problem solving skills and have a working knowledge of 3d Math. Must be able to tackle new challenges as presented, such as working on unfamiliar hardware or code environments.

• PLANNING/IMPLEMENTATION: Must be a self-starter and be able to follow implementation plans provided by the Lead Programmer.

• COMMUNICATION: Excellent communication skills are required to be able to explain programming solutions and ideas. Must be able to adequately provide instruction to non-programming personnel on how to use programmer generated tools and code implementations.

We also are looking for:

#2- Software Engineer: Looking for highly talented Software Engineers with 2+ years experience in some or all of the following: Flash programming, Online game programming, game scripting.

#3- Sr. 3D Modelers: Looking for Sr. Modelers with 3+ years of game specific modeling experience. Must be proficient in MAYA and Photoshop. Animation experience a plus.

So again, if any of that sounds like you, hit me up with a comment and let's see if we can make this happen!