Thursday, February 14, 2008

A great Valentine's Day Gift!!!

My childhood hero is back! The Indy 4 trailer- like a Valentine's gift to my inner 10 year old-was just waiting for me when I got up to my mac this morning. Let me tell you, if you have not yet seen it, it does not disappoint. It feels more like Crusade in it's tone and humor- much as you can deduce the end result from a trailer- and less like the edgy Raiders and Temple but I'll take 1000 Last Crusades over 95% of the films out these days. So yeah, I am a happy ass camper. No doubt.

And the film- far as I can tell from the little window on my mac- LOOKS great. It LOOKS like an old adventure movie from back in the day. I know this is what the filmmakers were going for and it seems like they nailed it.

So thanks Spielberg and Lucas.

And and thanks to my brother too.

Wait, my brother?!?! What'd he have to do with the way Indy 4 looks?!?!

Well...a little, anyway!

Get this! This is the personal cool news I wanted to share ages ago but could not:

My motherfucking brother WORKED on this freaking masterpiece! YEP! He was 2nd unit asst. camera on the truck chase that you see in today's very trailer!!!! Imagine that! He and I were just kids when we were both swept away by the first Raiders, both falling in love with the movies! And now, he's not only making movies (he's been doing that for many years), but he's fucking making not just a STEVEN SPIELBERG movie...he's making an INDIANA JONES movie!!! OH MAN! How nuts will that be to watch this movie with him and when that scene comes on- how cool!

Ok, heading out. Taking my daughters to our first annual daddy-daughter Valentine Day breakfast! Guess what swanky place they picked? They could have picked anywhere in the city and they picked...McDonalds! :) Kids after my own heart!

Later ya'll! Have a great Valentine's Day!