Thursday, April 15, 2010

Arguing the Argument

Agree 1000% w/sentiment of this Kotaku write up about the new Game Dev Magazine/Gamasutra 'key people in the biz' list not having any women on it.

But I call bullshit on the details.

 MAYBE I'd agree on Meggan Scavio because she is so dang important but it's debatable if she fits on a list that is intended to show off people IN GAMES. Isn't Meggan's business more along the lines of the convention business? As for the list itself, it's utter bullshit Amy Henning is not on it.

But for the rest of the women this article lists- talented and key players as many of them are- the ones I would put on the main list from this list have not (far as I know) released anything in the last year. For example, Kim Swift made a great game in Portal...but that was 2-3 years ago. Why put her on a list for this year? Be the same as someone putting ME on a list for the last few years...why would they do that? They would not.

And splitting the list with 50% men, 50% women = bullshit. Unless you are releasing a list of 'THE KEY MALE PLAYERS" and "THE KEY FEMALE PLAYERS" then fine. But to split a main list just to be 'fair'? Doesn't sound like that would be doing the list the respect it deserves. Women are key to our business and they some of them should be applauded and noticed more than they are, no doubt. But let's not knock key males off the list just so less deserving women can be on it. That's bullshit.