Friday, July 13, 2007


But God I'm getting fat again! Amazing, 10 pounds in like 2 months...stress and me dude, they just don't mix.

E3 was so lame this year. It was cool to walk around some of the company hotel suites and actually be able to get on AAA games with NO ONE waiting to play. But it sucked to not get into the hanger (no badge). But I hear the hanger was lame. And it was kind of cool to watch the conferences on G4. That was great but man, you'd think two things:

a- they could have worked with the folks holding the keynotes to space commercial breaks. So lame they had to cut away during key stuff.

b- Uhm, whoever is directing the damn shows, could you FUCKING PUSH IN TO THE FUCKING GAME FOOTAGE and not sit on a MOTHER FUCKING SHOT of the stage and 4 video screens and be so FUCKING PULLED BACK you can't see the motherfucking footage?!?! I mean, were you taking a shit and just left the fucking shot on a single camera with no direction to the fucking cameraman? Yeah man, that pissed me off so much.

But as for the rest of it, it was really cool. I dug the 'on the floor' stuff from the G4 gang as well. It was a much, much better E3 broadcast this year. Great job, G4!

And hey- I bumped into Miyamoto, so that's cool. Not that I introduced myself or anything. He was rushing to his car and what am I gonna say to the man?!? I mean, hell, I really don't know what I should have said.

Maybe I should have gone: 'You have made some of the best games- hell, the best pieces of entertainment EVER but since MARIO 64, I have not loved anything you have done? I have respected all you have brought to the industry and world, especially in the last POST-Mario 64 years but for me personally, none of it floated my boat? But still dude, thanks so so so much for pretty much creating the modern incarnaton of this industry?"

And then he would have just looked at me and said: 'You are fat. Use Wii Fit for 2 months and call me back. Bye fatso'

Who knows.

Still, it was cool to see/semi-meet him and get a pic. Now I got pics with Miyamoto, Kojima, Stan Lee, and Steven Spielberg. Oh, and the guy who played Carmine from Laverne and Shirley (I got that one when I was like 4 years old).

Ok, tired from driving to and from LA in one day, so going to bed. See ya'll soon.