Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Can you help me out!?! ROCK BAND related...


Ok, so thanks to you kind commenters on this blog, I got me a code that unlocks everything. Thank you so much!

While it's clear that ROCK BAND is a groundbreaking, amazing game- and one that seems already destined to become a classic in my house- to me, turning it into a GAME first and a social TOY second, was a design mistake. BUT what the hell do I know? Either way, thanks Harmonix for the very fun game...and thanks for making sure an Unlock All code was included :)


Hey! If someone out there would not mind:

just got home with Rock Band. Sat down with the wife to play and first thing I did was download a song we both dig (Brass in Pocket) from the ROCK BAND store. So far so good.

Problem is, I can't find that song I just purchased in the game and I can't find any of the cool songs I want to play that are listed on the box as available with the shipped disc.

Now I think I know the answer to this, but I hope I am so wrong cause if I am not, the thing is going back to the store.

Can I access these other songs- including the ones I paid for after I bought the game- without earning the right to play them?

Please don't tell me that after giving EA/MTV/HARMONIX 190 bucks- and then an additional 2 bucks- on what clearly seems to be advertised as a casual/family/party game (i.e. fun and easy and no work involved), that the only way I get all these songs - songs that are advertised on the box-is to EARN them?!?!

Ok, I am prob. just being paranoid and negative...this can't be the way it is, right??!?....right?!?!? Please don't make me work thru a bunch of songs I could care less about to get to some songs I love!!! I understand this design philosophy when all the content you are tossing at the player is new and part of the brand new, unique game experience...but in a game where more than half the appeal is content that you already know and love from your 'real life', forcing me to endure stuff I already know I don't care for just to get to the stuff I know I do love is annoying and cruel. Especially when I rushed home with the box all ready to play some songs that the back of the box TOLD ME I was gonna get to play (with no indication that I would need to bust ass for a week before I got to play what I consider the 'good' tunes).

Help! Thanks!



If you are so inclined, check out Gamespot's latest edition of BEHIND THE GAME. This week's subject: l'll ol me :)

You can find it here!

Later ya'll...lotsa design work going on today, brain too full (of hopefully cool ideas!) to write a post! Later!