Saturday, December 31, 2011

Contest Update

Hey all! Been slammed on the game most of the day and have only had time to go thru about 25% of the submissions. Calling it a nite as I'm gonna go do NYE with the family. So- alas:

BAD NEWS: Contest won't be decided tonite. I'll post results tomorrow or worst case Monday.

GOOD NEWS: Holy cow there is some AMAZING stuff ya'll are sending in and hell- since I'm running late- if anyone out there missed the deadline, go ahead and as long as I get it by tomorrow around 3pm California time, you're in!

MORE GOOD NEWS: There's just too much good stuff to give away one prize! The grand prize winner still gets all I promised but I'm prob gonna hand out at least 1-2 other runner up prizes cause there's just some amazing stuff ya'll are sending in!

Sorry I'm running behind on this- my apologies- just not enough hours in the day :(...but I'll get it done in the next day or so, I promise!

Ok- gotta get the night rolling!

Have a safe, happy, and fun as hell NEW YEARS! HAPPY 2012 YA'LL!